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The Good and the Bad

Story ID:11045
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various various
Person:Caki Bravo
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I start my reflections with sadness. How often do you confront the issue of suicide
in your environs? Well, it happened twice in my neighborhood recently. I did not
know either man well except from afar.

These two men decided that life was not worth living, and both tried to commit suicide.
One succeeded. He was a small man confined to a wheel chair. He lived in a housing
complex a block from where I live. It had been quite a while since I saw him last
crossing the main street in his wheel chair to do some grocery shopping. I think he
must have even stopped doing that.

He simply ended it all by jumping out of the 10th floor of that building. I want to keep
him in my prayers. I have been reading Fatima’s Sr. Lucia’s account of some of her
visions and one tells of the death of a woman who is going to spend her life in purgatory
till the end of the world. That certainly is a frightening scenario.

The other man lived in an apartment complex on my street. My neighbor told me that
he took something to end it all. He is now on life support. Yes, he is in my prayers as
well. I hope that some of you will also spare a moment of your time to say a prayer for
both of them. I believe in the power of prayer. I hope others do too.

But now a story which began sadly, but has a happy ending. Laura S. wrote of the rescue
of “Snow White” in Sarajevo. This Snow White was a little blond dog abandoned in the
throes of a very cold winter. She was lucky because a kind man who lived in Sarajevo
heard of her plight and went looking for her.

Caki Bravo is not unfamiliar with dog rescue. In fact- he is the go-to guy when there
is a report of a dog in need. So on a very cold January day this past year- Bravo went
looking for Snow White. He found her snow covered little body huddled tightly so as
to keep any body warmth which she may still have had from escaping.

It was reported that she had been there for two consecutive nights lying motionless
throughout. Why hadn’t the reporters done something to help her? I can only imagine
how much she shivered for those terribly long and interminable hours – alone, freezing,
and helpless.

This day It was 11 below zero and Caki wondered if he was too late. But she managed
to look up weakly as he brushed away the snow. There was hope. She was alive! Caki
picked up her almost weightless body which was now more the size of a large cat than
a dog.

At the animal hospital her body temperature registered a 32.9 Celsius. A regular body
temperature should be 38. The vet tried to increase her body temperature with blankets
and giving her a warm IV.

Snow White weighed only 15.2 pounds and was approximately 3 years old. Somebody
must have callously thrown her out of a house, but nobody seemed to recognize her in
the neighborhood.

It would take days for this little beauty to fully warm up -but there were hopeful signs of
recovery even that first afternoon of her rescue when she took a bathroom break outside
the clinic. Snow White would live to see better days and just one week later she was
confidently exploring her foster home. God bless Caki, the vet, and the foster family
for showing love to Snow White. May she forget that there were ever cruel people in
her life who turned her out during a cold winter- caring not a whit what might happen
to her.


I began my reflections with sadness and I end them on the same note. At Care 2- Laura
Goldman wrote about an event happening in DeKalb County, Tenn. Called “Giggin’ for
Grads” this cruel event has been held annually since 2013. What is gigging? It refers
to using a sharp spear to impale bullfrogs. I am shocked that there seems to be no
compassionate people in DeKalb County to raise their voices against this barbarity.

For an entry fee of $15- participants (all ages welcome) are encouraged to kill up to 20
bullfrogs using gigs, spears or pitchforks.

Pettus L. Read, director of communications for the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation
which sanctions the event observed- “DeKalb County has some of the largest bullfrogs
I have ever seen. Because of this fact, the idea of a ‘Giggin’ for Grads’ contest was
born and about one of the greatest ideas I had ever heard of.” Unbelievable.

I hope compassionate people in Tennessee will raise their voices in indignation at this
cruel and unnecessary carnage to harmless and innocent bullfrogs. Surely there must
be some people in this state who object to this cruelty.