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Never Give up

Story ID:11052
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Stanley Idaho USA
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Never Give up

Ginny and I sat at the edge of Idaho’s Salmon River. The snow-capped peaks of the
Sawtooth mountains towered over us. It was late May. We were 6500 feet above sea level.
The air was crisp, close to freezing. The river rippled by. The sound it made, combined
with the mountain background, was calming.

We sat with our drinks and enjoyed our anniversary vacation.

We normally had the place to ourselves that time of year, but this time, there were many

Two of the guests had Black Labrador Retrievers. The two dogs, friendly as the breed
is, became friends.

A couple children tossed a football between them. One made a bad throw. The ball
landed in the swift following water. The two dogs jumped into the water to retrieve it. Their
owners quickly called them back, afraid they would be swept away.

They both returned to shore, but one decided not to give up.

It ran down the river bank, saw the correct moment to get the ball, dove into the
frigid mountain waters, retrieved the ball and returned it to the kids.

Many would say, “It’s gone!” Not this dog. He never gave up.

Never give on your goals either.

Michael T. Smith