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The Memories and Love You Gave

Story ID:11080
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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I sat on our balcony. The barbecue made a hot day even hotter. It was Fatherís Day,
2016. I was alone. My children and stepchildren were spread far and wide. My son lived in
Canada; my daughter lived in Ohio; my stepson lived in North Carolina and my stepdaughter
with was in the hospital with an illness they had yet to identify.

My wife was with her. A daughter needs her mom, when she is sick.

Earlier in the day, I opened a box that arrived in the mail a week before. Ginny told
me not to open it until Fatherís Day and I had her on the phone.

She gave me Ohio State football floor mats for my car. They are my favorite team.

My daughter sent a deck of playing cards with pictures of me and her and her brother
on the face of the cards and Fatherís Day card with a picture of us too.

My son sent me a message wishing me a happy Fatherís Day.

I sat on the balcony, the heat overwhelming me. My emotions did the same.

Fatherís Day was not about me.

Fatherís Day is about what I did for them. Itís about coming home from work,
playing with them; teaching them right from wrong, being proud of their accomplishments.

I took them fishing. We played on playgrounds. We took sleds and flew down the side
of hills Ölaughing all the way.

There were quiet moments. We cuddled with a good book or watched a childrenís
show on T.V. They didnít interest me, but they loved them. A dad will watch, just for his

The heat of the grill made the meat sizzle. I thought I was alone, but I wasnít.
It was Fatherís Day and I spent it with great memories.

Fatherís Day is not about the father. Itís about the great memories and love you
gave your children.

Michael T. Smith