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Mohan- Free at Last

Story ID:11109
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - India
Person:Wildlife SOS
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No animal should have to work in chains for 55 years and be ill treated, and yet
this was the fate of Mohan, an Indian elephant. One Green Planet shared the rescue
story of this poor elephant with their beginning statement: ďThere is nothing we
love more than the story of a captive animal finally gaining their freedom, so this
story from Wildlife SOS has got us smiling ear to ear!Ē

I agree with their sentiment and was happy to see at last a picture of a downtrodden
but free Mohan who had been held illegally in chains for 55 years. Finally, this
starving and abused elephant gained what they so aptly called his sweet, sweet
freedom! I only hope that he will become well enough to enjoy many more years
of it.

Much thanks and appreciation is due to the hard work of Wildlife SOS who had been
working tirelessly for over a year to free Mohan from his current keepers. Abusers
would be a better name to describe them. The effort was not easy. In 2015- the
organization attempted a rescue of Mohan, but were met by a mob of over 300 people
who prevented the team from saving him. How incredibly sad that not only did he
have a brutal keeper- but there were so many people who backed him.

It became known that Mohanís keeper had been keeping him illegally, and so he realized
he needed to file a revision to the local government to gain custody of Mohan. This led
to an extended legal battle between Wildlife SOS as well as a previous owner and these
cases had to be settled- which led to a very lengthy process. Of course, all this while -
Mohanís owner let this poor elephant languish in abject misery.

Thankfully, finally not only did Mohan find friends in Wildlife SOS but even the District
Court in Pratapgarh finally issued an order for the police to immediately file a motion
against the people holding him in illegal custody.

But the battle wasnít over as anti-social elements in the area tried to sabotage Mohanís
rescue efforts. But thankfully, with the presence of a large police force, the unruly mob
was kept in check with their only managing to damage one vehicle.

Mohan was now in the care of the Forest Department of Pratapgarh. Their first order
of business was to give him a medical exam. The results of the exam was sad news
for Mohan. Wildlife SOS reveals the findings: ďThe medical report dated 23 July 2016
confirms the elephant is thin and emaciated caused by severe starvation. It also mentions
that wounds on his body and ears confirm beating and poking by sharp objects, as well
as feet injuries that would lead to permanent joint disorders if not properly treated
immediately. The elephantís dung had a lot of round worms and indicated severe worm

I could not help thinking what a travesty is the notion that we are suppose to be
stewards of Godís creation. But somehow I believe that these cruel people will be
answerable to God- if not in this world, than in the next.

As for Mohan- he has finally been released from a hell 55 years long. Whatever time he
has left on this earth, I pray that he will only know love, well-being, and happiness.
Yes, Mohan, Iím saying a prayer to God that this may be so. I hope any readers who
feel for you will also send a prayer to God for you as well.