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The "Big Lick" Torture

Story ID:11112
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- Tennessee usa
Person:Shelly Price
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For the past 40 years- after learning to love and respect all of God’s animal
creatures because of Peaches my beautiful first dog- I am saddened that I believe
we still have so little respect for animals generally. Just recently I read that the
BLM is going to use a cruel invasive form of contraception on the wild mares of
the west. The sad part is that I thought this would be a good idea and would halt
the cruel wild horse helicopter round-ups, but when I read how they were going to
do this, I was horrified. No anesthetics – just slashing the mare’s uterus. What is
wrong with us? Have we no feelings for other living creatures? When I read things
like this -I can always hear Cleveland Amory’s lament-Why can’t we just be kind?

Indeed -if the BLM is going to use this cruel method of contraception – then they
are not only unkind but they are brutal. Yesterday I received a message from the
Obama camp complaining that I had not responded to one of their requests. I want
to write back and ask them why they are not responding to my requests – such as
this one which I will be sending -asking him to do what he can to stop this horrible
contraceptive plan.

Today I was reminded of another cruel mistreatment of our precious horses. These
horses have the misfortune to be living in Tennessee. Shelly Price who sent me her
“Speak up for Horses” newsletter began it with “Every year thousands of Tennessee
Walking Horses are tortured and slaughtered for SPORT in the ‘Big Lick’ competitions.”
She is asking us to sign the enclosed demand letter which she hopes thousands of us
will sign. These signatures will hopefully flood the desk of U.S. Representative Marsha
Blackburn (R-TN).

Call me naďve, call me a simpleton but I am always surprised when I find that women
in some instances are not any more compassionate then the men behind horrors like
this. Women are suppose to be nurturers and mothers. Clearly not all are.

I immediately went to one of HSUS Markarian’s Humane Scoreboards to look up Blackburn’s
scores. Not surprisingly, she scored a 0 on the the eight legislative issues recorded in
the Midtern Report for the 114th Congress:
Domestic Violence Cosponsor/// Horse Slaughter Cosponsor///
Animal Cruelty Cosponsor/// Endangered Species Vote///
Horse Soring Cosponsor/// Omnibus Vote///
Cosmetics Cosponsor/// Funding Letter

I hope the petition Shelly Price sent me will be signed by thousands of sympathizers.
Because it so well describes this cruel procedure, I believe it deserves quoting:

Dear Rep. Blackburn,
Every year thousands of Tennessee Walking horses are beaten, burned, whipped,
and electroshocked in a cruel sport called the “Big Lick” competitions.
It’s come to my attention that you have cosponsored legislation PROTECTING this
brutal sport and the men who make millions from the horses’ pain. Do you think these
horses enjoy having the skin on their legs eaten away with chemicals like diesel oil,
kerosene, or mustard oil? Do you think it feels good when chains are attached to rub
against their open, oozing, wounds? Worst of all, do you think these horses deserve to
be carved up alive in Mexican slaughterhouses when their owners have no more use
for them?
It’s not right, it’s not fair, and it must STOP today. That’s why I, and thousands of
fellow horse lovers, are calling on you to STOP your support of the “Big Lick” torture
and withdraw all legislation protecting it.”

If only Rep. Blackburn has even a little bit of compassion in her heart, she will recognize
the truth in Shelly Price’s petition. Only time will tell whether she has a heart at all.