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Gestation Crate Cruelty

Story ID:11116
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- Illinois usa
Person:Phil Borgic
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You as I –have probably started an observation with – if I live to be a hundred
years old...and then we voice our lament. Well, if I live to be a hundred years
old – I will never ever understand how anyone can defend the cruelty of pig
gestation crates. And yet Phil Borgic is one such owner who justifies the use
of these gestation crates for his 6,000 animal breeding operation which produces
160,000 pigs per year. For me- that means that 6,000 pigs are suffering right
now, and this is only one pig operation- albeit a very large one in Illinois.

This week Paul Shapiro, vice president of the HSUS, sent us his weekly update
on animal issues. One of them was this article re Borgic’s pig operation which
was written by David Jackson and Gary Marx of the Chicago Tribune. I’ve read
about this torture for years and you may have too, but here again I was reminded
of this cruelty and what in essence it means to be a gestation crate pig. Per the

“For almost her entire life, iron bars will hold this mother pig on the slotted
concrete floor of Borgic’s 6,000 animal breeding operation as she produces
litter after litter. She can step a few inches forward or backward but not turn
around. Her heaving belly, swaying head and dark-rimmed eyes are the only
parts she seems free to move.”

Torture-plain and simple. Even people who committed murder and other
heinous crimes have a better life in our prison system then these mother pigs
who have committed no crimes at all but who are incarcerated for their whole
natural lives in metal prisons in order to satisfy people’s desire for their flesh.
I thank God every day that as a vegan, I am not one of them.

I found it strange reading the justification of the owners who use these prison
cages. They claim that they are purposely used to keep the sows “safe.” Safe
from what exactly? Yes, the article does explain this -claiming that in open
pens-often times the sows will seek secluded places. But at least -it is their
decision and they have the freedom to stay in them or leave. I venture to bet
that the so called “safe”sows would leave their prison bars in a heartbeat.

If interested – you may want to look up this information from the reporters on
the internet, and perhaps you may even agree with the owners’ rationale about
“safety.” But in my opinion-and probably in the opinion of many knowledgeable
and compassionate people -the sows need to be made safe from these prison
bars and the cruel people who put them in those gestation crates.

I found the article very informative but have only touched on what was most
relevant to me in my concern for the sows. After reading very long posts or even
listening to long-winded speakers – I have come to the realization that LESS IS
MORE –at least for me. But for the people who need or want to know more
about this subject, I hope they will go on the internet to find it.

Paul Shapiro of the HSUS said about this topic: “These social, intelligent, curious
animals are put in a coffin for their entire lives. It’s hard to imagine a more
miserable existence.”

I agree, and as for me – I have only one question for the people who feel that
using these prison cages is moral- would it be all right to come back in another
life as one of these gestation crate pigs? Am I cruel and inconsiderate in
asking this question? No, I don’t think so because I believe it is in keeping
with the Golden Rule which should apply to animals as well as humans, and
that is “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”