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Degrees of Cruelty and Yoda

Story ID:11121
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Yoda - Bulgaria
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In my 40 years of animal concerns, I have come to realize that there are certainly various
degrees of cruelty. I would imagine the same thing can be said about cruelty to humans
as well. Years ago I was horrified to read some accounts of human cruelty in Amnesty
International. Thankfully, most of those horrors are now long gone from my memory, but
somehow I can always recall this one horror. A young child was forcibly pushed down into
a large barrel of water, and she obviously flailed her arms frantically- hoping to escape this
watery grave as her horrified parents were forced to watch. I don’t remember the details of
the why and the when, but just realizing how horrible this death was for the child and
especially for her helpless, horrified parents made me realize that man can and often is
responsible for such cruelty to his fellow human beings.

I know that there are many more examples of human cruelty, but it is my belief that those
incidences probably pale in comparison in degree and number to the cruelty perpetrated
on animals by humans.

In this regard- two animal cruelties immediately come to mind -even though they happened years
ago. A California man put unwanted puppies through a shredder in the presence of their mother.
If you think animals don’t have feelings, I think you are absolutely wrong. This poor mother dog
could only helplessly watch and do nothing to stop this maniac from killing her babies so cruelly.
If this monster had had even an ounce of compassion, he would have taken the puppies to a
shelter or tried to find homes for them.

And then many of us were abhorred to read the account of Puppy Doe who had the misfortune to
be adoped by a Polish National who had applied at Craigs List for a puppy being offered FREE to
a good home. No one should EVER offer a dog or cat FREE to anyone- unless it is a family member
or someone you know and trust. Othewise, you have to make inquiries about the prospective owner
and ALWAYS, always charge something. Puppy Doe’s story is on the internet if you haven’t heard
or read about his cruel fate, but sufficeth to say that this horrible man got his jollies from torturing
this poor dog. The one cruel thing I do remember is that Puppy Doe’s legs were pulled from their
sockets. Whatever he could do to make Puppy Doe scream in agony he did. Thank God he was
caught. I hope he is rotting in a jail cell and the key has been thrown away.

This next account of horrible cruelty happened in Yoda, Bulgaria. A man happened to walk near
an old abandoned house when he heard whining coming from it. He went in to check on the source
and was shocked to see a tiny kitten covered with huge open wounds and skin hanging off its
head and body. Without hesitation, he scooped up the squealing kitten and rushed him to the
local veterinary clinic in Plovdiv, a city in Bulgaria.

It was obvious to the veterinarian that the kitten had been attacked with some kind of chemical.
What kind of demented person would intentionally throw acid at a tiny, defenseless kitten? The
kitten was in such pain that the vet wondered if he could be saved.

Luckily for this kitten, Desislava Stoyanova arrived at the clinic with three animals needing help.
This was her mission in life -trying to save needy animals. The man who had brought in the kitten
knew he could not take the kitten home where he was renting and asked her to take him and give
him all the love and care he needed.

There was no way that Desislava would not take him into her home. Armed with the medication
the vet gave her, she would do all in her power to save the kitten she named “Yoda.”

The first thing Yoda wanted to do when he got to Desislava’s home was cuddle with one of the
kittens Desislava had just brought home from the vets. Desislava wasn’t sure Yoda would make it,
but she would do her best to give him a second chance.

Every day she fed him and cleaned his wounds. She also dripped antibiotic drops into his eyes
and gently rubbed cream over his sores to speed up the healing process. Despite all his pain and
suffering, Yoda proved to be one of the sweetest and most patient kittens one would ever hope to
meet. He even purred when Desislava rubbed cream over him.

In the seven days under Desislava ‘s care -Yoda was improving. No longer did he squeal or writhe
in agony from his wounds. Because of the treatment, the love and the care he had been receiving,
Yoda was on the road to recovery. However, with such severe burns, his complete recovery will
take a long time, but Desislava feels that he has started to look like a normal cat. Even though his skin
around his head and eyes is still pink and furless, Desislava knows that in time Yoda will get better.

Though Yoda will never look like your average cat-no matter because Yoda is no ordinary cat. He is
one of a kind. God’s speed Yoda and God’s blessings on all the people who lovingly brought you
back from hell to a promise of a happy life.