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Pixie, Kiri, and Me

Story ID:11125
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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I think all of us can attest to the fact that some days really suck. Saturday, August 28th
was such a day for me. And the ironic part is that August 28 was once celebrated as the
feast of the Assumption by Byzantine Catholics. As I always loved the feast of the Assumption-
I guess I celebrate it on both the 15th and the 28th even though Byzantine Catholics now
adopted the 15th with the rest of the Catholic world.

But this day would prove sad for me on three levels. First I had to put down my Pixie-
a cute, multi-colored feral who I found on my porch 16 years ago. However, for most of
her life she caused me problems. When it came time to have her spayed, she ran from
me. I cornered her on the steps leading to the second floor, and when I picked her up
she bit me. Still -with the kindness of Hilde my friend –we were both driven to the low cost
spay clinic without further incident. On hearing I was bitten by Pixie, the kind vet gave me
some salve for my small wound.

Well, a true feral, she never let me pick her up, though she would often jump on the
couch where I sat. And she loved Paulie who also lived with us on the first floor. He was
not feral, but the two got a long well together. When he died earlier this year, she was
inconsolable. I let her go out on the front porch – a place she never felt she needed or
want to go. On the porch she looked up and down the street in vain hoping to catch
a glimpse of him. Of course, she didn’t know that he now lay in a grave in my back yard.
Sadly, I had to call on the kindness of my Serbian neighbor Josef to dig his grave.

Well Pixie would be joined with Paulie on this beautiful feast day. I had noticed a growth
on her chest wall near her neck a week or more ago. I knew I had to take her to a vet.
After having some 40 cats over 40 years, believe me – going to the vets has not become
any easier. However, if Dr. Reece were alive – I would never have waited so long to make
any appointment for him to see Pixie. Sadly, I have not met too many Dr. Reeces in the years
since he died.

Sorin, my friend, took us to Lakewood Animal Hospital where I was horrified to see that not
only was there a wound under her neck but another further below and they were both
bleeding. The very kind woman vet said Pixie had cancer- that yes she could operate on
her if I wanted. At 16 – I didn’t want her to suffer any more. I cry- remembering the
all too familiar protocols in preparation for euthanasia. She let me talk to Pixie before
she administered the lethal drug. I told Pixie that she would now see Paulie. I told her
that she was going to a better place and that I loved her.

Of course, the tears flowed, and I hope that I will see my mischievous Pixie again with
the rest of the crew- 7 dogs and 30-34 cats. I do believe in end times we will all see our
loved ones –both human and animal.

This day would be sad on another level. Tom, my neighbor, asked me to take in his cousin’s
brown and tan Siamese named Kiri until he got his bearings. How Kiri got out of my basement
and to the outside is a mystery to me, but sadly I believe the renter upstairs unknowingly or
carelessly let her out when he went to do his shopping. That was a hard telephone call to make –
Kiri was gone. I searched for her in my environs. I placed a sign on my porch re her being lost.
And, of course, I prayed and am praying that we find her. Yes, I do feel responsible. Wouldn’t
you? If you too believe in prayer, please say one that we find her and that she is returned safely
to her owner. Thank you.

And the last of my crosses this day was a wrenched back. In truth I don’t know how this happened,
but I can tell you that aside from a sprained ankle, I have never felt such pain in my whole life. I
took a lot of aspirin and was truly grateful to God that when I woke this morning, the pain was

Now with Pixie out of her misery, my back pain gone, there is only one other need today and
that is we find Kiri. Please say a prayer that she is found safely and returned to me or Joenell.
Thank you to those who have taken the time to say a prayer for her well-being and our concern.