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Change is Not Always Bad

Story ID:11128
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho United States
Person:Ginny and I
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Ginny and I have lived in our apartment for five years. Our rent has gone up and
up. We decided to look at other options and found a home we could purchase for less
a month than we pay now.

Apartment living has its issues, mainly neighbors, however, we have been blessed
with great neighbors.

Ginny and I watched them come and go.

Several in our building of four apartments, on their day of moving, said to us, “We
are going to miss you and Ginny. You have been the best neighbors we’ve ever had.”

They touched our hearts.

We didn’t do anything special. Ginny and I are people, people. We are open, honest
and social.

Our neighbors are our friends.

We’ve enjoy watching the cows in the pasture behind us. The osprey, hawks
and eagles fishing in the creek give us great entertainment. We sit on our balcony
and stare at the mountains.

Our balcony is our window on the world. We watch the trains constantly.
We have no choice. They practically go through our living room. We watch a lot of
interesting freight go by. The tracks are a major route for transport of freight. We can’t
leave our windows open when the weather is nice; they make so much noise.

We experienced two fires set by the trains, one melted the fence right behind us. The
second was five miles long and burned several homes a mile from us.

We won’t see this from our new home.

We are only moving a few miles away, but the view will be gone.

Our new home has lots of trees and no trains.

Ginny and I love to watch birds. With all the trees we have at the new home, if we
add a couple bird feeders, we will be happy.

But life changes. We can afford this home now, but what if one of us loses our

Change will come again ...another move?

Change is not always bad.

There are lots of new things to learn and new people to meet.

Michael T. Smith