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Missing Cleveland Armory and Michael

Story ID:11130
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio usa
Person:Cleveland Armory
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Fund for Animals recently sent us a Happy Birthday reminder for Cleveland Armory.
They celebrate his birthday – September 2nd every year and this year he would have
been 99!

Mike Markarian sent this message, and I was surprised to find out that he is
the president of The Fund for Animals. I always connected him with the Humane
Society of the US. No matter, he does a great job of publishing the Humane
Scoreboard for each Congressional session which scores our legislators on their
concern or lack thereof re animal welfare and initiatives. I suggest for anyone
concerned about how their legislators vote to go on the internet to access this
wonderfully illuminating source of information.

I have always admired Cleveland Armory and one of the first impressions I had of
him was his seeing to the removal of threatened wild donkeys who were slated for
killing by the Bureau of Land Management. He had them air-lifted to a sanctuary.
The picture accompanying the e-mail I received this week shows him nuzzling a donkey
and the words written re it – “We speak for those who can’t.”

What a beautiful and caring man. My sister and I were lucky to see him in person
many years ago when he came to Cleveland to speak about animal concerns. This
day we would be part of a funeral procession around Public Square. All the cars had
posters of cruel animal research affixed to them as we slowly wended our away
around the Square. Somehow we all felt the animals’ pain and their suffering and
death. I tear up remembering.

After parking our cars in the now long gone Higbee store parking lot, we walked across
the street to to the podium on the Square where Cleveland Armory was delivering his talk.
All these years later- the only thing I recall him saying came at the end of his talk. As he
often did, he asked the simple question -“Why can’t we be kind?”

Happy Birthday Cleveland Armory! As a believer in heaven, I can’t picture you anywhere
else today. Surely the God of all creation was pleased at your efforts during your lifetime
in speaking up for those who couldn’t, and of course you even did more- much more. You
started Beauty Ranch where concern for animals is its prime purpose. Today It still must
be a wonderful place and a haven for animals in need.


As I received the e-mail regarding Cleveland Armory this week, today I opened a card which
I keep near my computer. I forgot from whom it was, and as I opened it- I realized it was a
card from my nephew Michael who died some years ago in Florida where his parents had

What I like about his simple little card card was his sincerity and obvious fondness for me.
None of my other nieces or nephews expressed anything like this to me. He alone seems to
have captured my essence – love of God and love for His animal creation. Here is this short
message that always makes me think of him fondly and gratefully:

Aunt Suzi,

How bummed out a boy can be! Just called you long distance-you must have been out.
Hope your feeling ok. I wish you were here. I have a lot of Biblical questions.
Please write and explain to me how to become a vegetarian - -the pro’s and con’s.
Question – Did Christ drink milk? Excuse my ignorance.
Love, Mike

A simple little note and yet it spoke volumes to me. I don’t think I ever got a chance to
answer his questions as he died of a heart attack soon after. I treasure this little note
from him because it says to me that he cared about Christ and probably animals since
he was thinking of becoming vegetarian.

Michael- I found out that the Little Flower (St Therese) promised that she would spend her
time in heaven praying for sinners. I hope that both you and Cleveland Armory will do the
same for suffering animals.

Perhaps I am being simplistic. I hope not. I believe both men were kind and loving. And I
hope both men are in heaven.