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A New Market for Wildlife Pain

Story ID:11143
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - Zimbabwe
Person:Network for Animals
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I signed a petition today on Network for Animals which read “Prevent Zimbabwe
Cruelly Exporting Animals to China.” Sadly, I don’t believe that China has a
great record re treating animals compassionately. This new development is
yet another good time to remind people why I boycotted the Beijing Olympics
when I found out that they skinned Raccoon dogs alive for their fur. I cannot
imagine anyone doing anything so cruel, and yet there it was on the internet
for anyone who cares about dog suffering to read and to hopefully react.
Sadly, I don’t believe too many people did.

Wicked and evil - those are the words that Network for Animals used to describe
what the Zimbabwe government is doing to baby elephants. In their post- they
wrote that last year they exported 24 baby elephants to China. In essence- these
baby elephants were ripped from their mothers while they were still nursing. And
babies- whether human or animal are capable of experiencing suffering, and this
certainly applies to the 24 baby elephants who suffered as the result of this cruel
separation from their mothers.

Sadly, the people responsible for this cruelty are doing it again. Forty elephants-
all under the age of six have been captured and taken from their mothers. They
are being held in a secret area in the Hwange National Park.

Life for these poor captive young elephants will be anything but happy as they
will be held in the same hideous quarantine facility in China where 24 of them
were held last year. Their “homes” will be in tiny cages until space can be found
for them in zoos. And this may mean years for some of them.

Once their new owner –Chimelong ‘Safari Park’ decides they should perform
tricks in a circus auditorium, they will be joined by 8 lions, four giraffe, eight
hyenas, and a number of antelopes who also will be forced to perform.

Some other animals captured in Zimbabwe – those with large horns have been
beheaded so they can be mounted and sold as trophies The unfortunate captured
monkeys were being skinned and fed to the capture team. It seem Zimbabwe has
little respect or compassion for its wild life.

Network for Animals wrote us that the only way this cruelty to baby elephants
can be stopped will be at the meeting of the governments of the world this month
in Johannesburg. At this meeting of the Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species (CITES) which only happens once every three years- the
opportunity to ban the export by any country of baby elephants hopefully will be
addressed. If two thirds of the governments agree -then the capture and exportation
of baby elephants will mercifully stop.

As I write various intentions to pray for on cards –daily asking for God’s help for
them, I am placing this new request that CITES will ban the export of baby elephants
from Zimbabwe. Other wildlife also suffer in this country. This country as well as
China needs a good dose of compassion. Please join me in this prayer, and if you
can find the petition on Network for Animals, please sign it as well. Thank you.