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Everyone Adjusts

Story ID:11166
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho United States
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The day we moved into our new home, we waited until we almost had the apartment
empty, before Ginny and I wrapped our kitty in a towel and placed her in her carrier. The towel
was needed to prevent her from ripping us apart with her needle sharp claws and to prevent her
from jumping from the carrier as soon as we got her into it. By the time she worked herself free
of the towel, we have the gate closed.

I put her on the front passenger seat. She cried most of the way to the new house.
She was terrified of a visit to the vet’s, but she was in for the surprise of a new home. Since I
found her in the brush at only a few weeks old, she’s lived her next five years in our four room

This was a major change for her.

I carried her crate to a spare bathroom, gave her food and water, opened the door
to her carrier and left the room, closing the door behind me.

A lot of those who helped us move left. Our apartment neighbors stayed for a bit. I
opened the bathroom door. After a few hours, Callie ventured out, peeked around the opening to
the hallway. A strange noise spooked her. She ran back to her carrier.

I woke in the early morning on our first night to find Callie sitting on the left side of
the bed, next to my chest. I gave her a pet and asked, “You Ok, Callie?” She ignored me and
stared at the opening to our bedroom.

Obviously, something spooked her. “Did you hear that, Daddy? I heard a noise!” She
jumped down and disappeared.

The next morning, she still hid in the carrier. It appeared as if she hadn’t eaten a thing
or used her litter box.

On the second day, she’d peeked around the corner and ran back to her cage.
She eventually got brave enough to step out on the patio, but would frighten easily and run back

On the third day, she made it into our bedroom and found a hiding spot. We didn’t
know where she hid, but she was out of sight for many hours.

I worked from home on the fourth day. Callie came from her hiding spot and began
to explore her new home. Ginny came home, “I think Callie has adjusted.”


“Because she has been exploring all day, used her litter box and has eaten. She’ll soon
be running around here in comfort.”

Later that night, Callie took over Ginny’s side of the sofa. She was tired of hiding and
wanted to be near us.

On the fifth day, she ran through the house, like she did in the apartment. We went
outside into our fenced-in yard. She followed, but stayed in the confines of the cement patio. In
her eyes, the grass was a strange carpet.

Eventually, she walked in the grass, but the sounds of the leaves on the trees rustling
in the wind spoked her. She ran back inside the house.

After three weeks, she knows this is her new home. She rules it like she did our
apartment. She knows Mom and Dad are with her, and she is safe.

Cats adjust like Ginny and I did.

Everyone adjusts to new surroundings.

Best all, all three of us are happy.

Michael T. Smith

Callie exploring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6XqtPDNOOA