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A Bachelor Party Like No Other

Story ID:11171
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- Tennessee usa
Person:Mitchel Craddock
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Im really tired of all the political posturing this year and sadly neither candidate
appeals to me. I think many people are upset with Trump generally, and I am
upset with Clinton because I believe she supports Planned Parenthood and I am
Right to Life. I also believe that she will okay trade agreements as did her husband,
and these will probably lead to many of our farm animals being sent for slaughter
to Europe or Asia or both.

Someone rightly mused that with the millions of people living in the United States,
it is sad that these two are running for the highest position in our nation. I concur.

So I was glad to turn my attention to something uplifting about animals and I found
it on a Care 2 post. How lucky they are to not be troubled with having to vote! The
inspirational account I found was headlined by Laura Goldman: Bachelor Party
Ends With Adorable Puppy Rescue.

She noted that many bachelor party guests end up with hangovers, but definitely
not this one. They ended up with some special party favors- a litter of puppies they
rescued. I loved seeing the picture of these guys each holding a puppy which together
they had rescued.

It all started on a September morning where Michigan groom Mitchel Craddock was
spending time in a Tennessee cabin with his groomsmen. He had been frying some
bacon when a dog- probably drawn by the smell of food showed up. It was obvious
to him that she had recently given birth.

Craddock and the men began fussing over her, but she refused to go into the cabin.
Craddock told ABC News that she was just a sweetheart. The bride to be is one
lucky lady to find a man of his caring caliber, and his groomsmen seem to be cut
from the same compassionate cloth.

They quickly gave her a name and called her Orphan Annie. She had been so
dehydrated that she was not producing milk. But that would change as the men
fed her and gave her water to drink. Now to find the puppies.

They soon found her being attentive to a deep hole in the woods not too far
from the cabin. She was very protective of that hole, but she allowed one of the
men to be lowered head first into it where he found seven dirty little puppies.

They wisely retrieved the pups and set them down in front of Annie so she
could nuzzle their faces and check them out. Then the men got down to
business and cleaned them up. Instead of spending the day four-wheeling,
they pooled their money and went to buy dog food.

At the end of this perfect story, each groomsmen and the groom adopted one
of the puppies. Craddocks bride approved this adoption as she notes that Mitchel
had proposed to her with he help of their chocolate lab.

Kirsten, the bride had insisted that they should keep one of the puppies and observed
Its our joke that for any of our big life events, well get a dog.

Only one problem- I dont know what happened to Annie though Im sure that probably
someone in this compassionate group found her a home as well. This lovely story
made me forget for a ittle while at least the problem of having to vote with so little