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Crab's Corner-Trump Tragedy

Story ID:11181
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Trump being elected is the worst tragedy this country has ever seen because of ignorant voters electing a man who scams, sues, tax cheats for profit, hates women, Poor, minorities, and admitted once that he loves uneducated voters.

I cried hearing Trump win because of ignorant voters who embrace his paranoia, fear and hate mongering.

I'm terrified a Trump tantrum will result in a nuclear missile slamming into my house.

Trump's disdain for women and our rights threatens me.

Can we see if his wife is a legal immigrant? Of course not! But he threatens immigrants. Don't tell me he cares if they're legal or not especially when he hired illegal Hispanic and Polish workers.

Trump cares only about himself. If he gets rid of Obamacare, which I agree with because Government has no right to force you to buy something threatening monetary punishment in retaliation, he'll replace it with worse and profit off it and he won't care. He listens to no one and hates anyone who won't kiss his ass and would stop at nothing to destroy them.

Nostradamus was right in a show seen recently where he predicted 500 years ago that our 2016 election would be between "a masculine woman" and "an audacious brawler".

That "audacious brawler" has just been elected. When the bombs fall because of the actions of his last hateful rage, regrets will come too late. I pray I'm wrong. I don't want my saving up for a car be in vain being dashed by nuclear rubble.