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I'm Frustrated

Story ID:11187
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho United States
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As we grow older, we begin to breakdown. Our bodies once allowed us to do amazing
things. I used to take my bicycle and ride one hundred and thirty miles every weekend in
the summer. During that time, I took three spinning classes during the week.

In the winter, I took six spinning classes a week.

This was only fifteen years ago.


Iím a mess.

It started in May of 2016. I developed a rash on my leg. It spread all over my body.
I couldnít sleep at night. Iíd wake scratching until I was raw.

I went to see doctors.

They diagnosed various reasons for my issues. The first was scabies.

That was a joke.

I went to a dermatologist. ďYou have eczema.Ē

He prescribed lotions and potions, none of which helped.

Iíve been to various specialists. They took more blood than I cared to give, guessed what
my problem was and gave me medicine.

None of their stuff helped me.
Recently they tested for an iron deficiency, thyroid problems, liver and kidney functions.

All tests came back with no answer.

The biopsy of my skin said it could be: Psoriasis, exposure to something or a reaction to

No kidding!

Nothing has changed in my environment. This started before we moved to our new home.

We havenít changed detergents or anything.

The mystery continues, as does my discomfort.

I just want a cure.

Last night I woke at 3 A.M. scratching. Gin and I have to wash our sheets every
other day.

I feel disgusting.

We were at the doctors this morning. The pathologist said the biopsy looked a little
like psoriasis, but there were other things that didnít match. They have me on steroids, which
have helped. I have to wait two weeks after I finish taking the steroids, then they will
do blood tests for psoriasis and autoimmune diseases.

On a good note, for Christmas, I may have a diagnosis and can work toward treating it.
Iím frustrated.

Michael T. Smith