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Crab's Corner-What Will It Take America For You To Wake Up!

Story ID:11191
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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What will it take for people to wake up when it comes to Fraud Trump!

Successful business man? Trump Plaza,Taj Majal, Trump University, Trump Airlines, steaks, vodka, wine, mortgage and loan, running Miss Universe, the Apprentice, Gone!

Trump refuses to sell off his businesses and stocks or put them in a blind trust so he can't profit as a conflict of interest while he screws up the country!

Saved jobs? Mike Pence paid off Carrier that Trump approved. Cheapskate Carrier will still outsource leaving some out of work! Trumpsters will ignore that until their jobs are taken!

Drain the swamp? He wants on his team, donors, two Goldman-Sachs insiders who stole people's homes, billionaires, and token women!

Hates Media! Gripes when ignored, gripes when not covered enough, gripes being questioned, attacks when caught in lies!

Flag burners? It's freedom of speech not a crime! Dictator Trump can't jail them and it's unconstitutional to threaten to revoke native born citizenship over it. Will he try to bully his way to change that as a dictator that people still ignore?

Hates foreigners! Trump's business are in the Middle East, China, to name a few. Look it up!

Trump called the President of Taiwan that we don't
recognize as separate from China and didn't tell anyone until leaked. He refuses any briefings for State Department and Foreign Policy on who to talk to! Was he threatening? Mr. Failure again doesn't care who he talks to or how. And people think I'm nuts thinking Trump won't bully his way into a lethal war no one will survive? He's an unchanging, dangerous idiot.

Trump flaunts his sociopathy and will never change.