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Chew Stick Dog Stand Up

Story ID:11201
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Chew Stick Dog Stand Up

Chew Stick Dog Stand Up

Chew Stick Dog Stand Up

My tuna fish can is stuffed with shredded junk mail topped and bottomed with cereal box cardboard with some new glue.

I did my cut in half printer paper punches for my edging so no overlap on the front and layered the can. The edging above my flowers have a bill border strip along with its white paper. So much easier to border that way and the white strip blends well with the layering. No extra trimming and I'm going to do that more often.

Around the can and on the metallic blue Acrylic front are cardboard punches wrapped in pieces from a large wrinkled aluminum foil remnant. My can body foil flower petals are smooth because each piece of wrinkled foil was rubbed smooth on the table.

My flower centers of scrap cleaned out chicken platter Styrofoam are backed with printer paper punches. I've since discovered that envelope innard paper backing is thicker and sticks better with glue on Styrofoam than printer paper which is thinner. Unbacked Styrofoam for me at least doesn't stick well unbacked.

The frontal jewel is junkmail as is my dog eating his teeth cleaning treat. Love foil cardboard punches a lot so will be using them when I want a bit of bling.

Dog is lying on cut strips of some donated wreath 'fir' branches that I have a lot of and a blob of flower ad.

Neither the jewel or dog are paper backed as I've figured out how to glue on with no wrinkles because the glue is applied thinly. Thickly you wrinkle because the paper gets too wet.

My stand up legs are incense sticks wrapped in Paisley wrapping paper scrap I find more of as my dining room work table gets gradually cleaner.

My can back is brown paper bag.