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Crab's Corner- What Difference Would It Make!

Story ID:11224
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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The news is buzzing about Russia possibly interfering with the election and tempers are high. Some say Putin's assets and business transactions he's made with all his so-called power should be investigated.

What a laugh! We didn't force Trump during the campaign to show his tax returns and we won't do it now treating him as special. We could care less that Trump is putting inexperienced in his cabinet. We could care less that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and we especially could care less that the electoral college voted a temper tantruming, fear and hate monger in office. And who is the electoral college? My Webster's dictionary says the electoral college are "a body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the president and vice president of the U.S." the voters choose others to make those picks not themselves? What's the use of voting when voters choose others to elect a president and vice president in the end! Knowing that your vote is as phoney as Trump because others do the real vote by the electoral college means nothing because too many Americans just don't give a damn! Too much work to unpredictably correct it. An unstable mad man oddly makes too many sleep better.

What do we have more problems with? Voters who choose others to really elect someone, Trump who puts in inexperienced know nothings in important posts, a President elect who won because of fear and hate mongering, who won't distance himself from his businesses as a conflict of interest no one will force Trump to abandon, Trump's tantrums of journalists who print his lies who are too afraid to get him mad by direct confrontation, or Putin Trump admires?

Right or wrong to others' ways of thinking, Trump is far more a threat to our so-called electoral process that voters put others in charge of finally electing not themselves!

What difference does Russia make in comparison when Trump is far more dangerous!