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Boxed Snow Globe Cardinal

Story ID:11232
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Drawing/Image
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Boxed Snow Globe Cardinal

Boxed Snow Globe Cardinal

Boxed Snow Globe Cardinal

Boxed Snow Globe Cardinal

Boxed Snow Globe Cardinal

I love this one as I tried something new. Cardinal and his globe are from fresh junk mail while his bow I've had from old junk mail later trimmed. To stand out against the paper punches of left over printer paper is silver glitter hardened with a coat of glue.

The buttons are paper backed black Styrofoam from a found empty meal box on all sides except the box top.

The empty baking soda box is shredded junk mail stuffed.

The brown paper punches on the top, sides, and bottom, are from a big scrap of flexible cardboard kept from my late uncle's things. Who knows where he got from but it came in handy.

While I was resting, I watched my food program, Holiday Baking Championship, and the bakers were making cream puff Christmas trees. The Kentucky home baker had a mishap with his piping bag and when he stretched out his new one to fill it reminded me of a triangle. Normally piping bags do nothing for me, but something clicked!

What would happen I thought if I cut a strip of my flexible cardboard and twisted it at an angle like a cone! Well it worked! I glued it shut on the side, trimmed the bottom, stuffed it with shredded junk mail paper, glued a piece of cereal box cardboard on the bottom and trimmed it when dry and it stood perfectly. The hole on top I glued a scrap fake flower.

Glue slathered on the cone then rolled in gold glitter, wait until dry then a couple of successive coatings of glue so no glitter rubs off and you have a glitter cone.

I made other decorated cones for practice for future projects.

Jason the amiable Kentucky home baker gave me art inspiration idea with nothing more than the shape of a simple piping bag and I hope he wins the Holiday Baking Championship.

Art ideas have the oddest origins.