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Our Good Deed For Christmas

Story ID:11249
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Writers Conference:My Favorite Holiday Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho United States
Person:Lost Dogs
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Our Good Deed For Christmas

Our Good Deed For Christmas

It was the December 20, 2016, the Tuesday before Christmas. I worked from home that
day, due a medical condition. My work day came to an end. I curled up on the sofa for a nap and
woke when my wife, Ginny, came in from outside, on that bitter cold day.

“Hi, Baby.” I said groggily.

“Oh, you’re awake? Be careful if you go into the garage.”


“I have two dogs in there.”

“What?” I sat up. “Two dogs?”

“What could I do, Michael? I was outside and these two dogs ran up to me. One is a
shepherd mix. The other is a boxer. They are obviously lost. The roads are so icy, I was scared
they’d run into the street. A car would not be able to stop before hitting them.”

I didn’t argue. I know Ginny’s love for animals, and I love her huge heart. I would never
deny her this chance to save two dogs.

Ginny went out to get dog food. I called our town’s Humane Society, told them, “We
found two stray dogs. One is a shepherd and the other a boxer.”

“Can you describe them?”

“Ummm …let me go check. We have them in the garage. I haven’t seen them yet.”

I opened the garage door and was overwhelmed with canine love. The shepherd
jumped up, put his paws on my chest and tried to lick the skin from my face. The boxer
ran around my legs, it’s stubby tail wiggling.

“Sorry, Ma’am. These two sure are loving. The shepherd is light brown, with a
few white spots and a black marking in the middle of her tail. The boxer is male, tan all over
and appears to be a senior dog.

“Has anyone reported them missing?”

“Let me check.” There was a pause. She came back on the line, “I’m sorry, we have
no reports of dogs lost with that description.”

I gave her my name, number, address and told her,” They’re safe with us for the

Ginny came home with dog food, made
beds in the garage for them, gave them food
and water and closed the door.

Later, “Michael, it’s cold in the garage. I’m letting them inside.”

“What about Callie?” She’s our kitty.

“She can hide somewhere. “I’ll lock her in a room.”

“If you say so.”

Ginny opened the door to the garage, “Come on, guys. Come in and get warm.”

Our living room exploded with energy.

Our kitty hid in a room. The two dogs sniffed everything, got loving from us.
It wasn’t long before the shepherd stretched out on the sofa with her head in Ginny’s lap.
The boxer found a spot on a mat by our patio doors to stretch out.

They got more food and water, when we put them in the garage for the night.

In the morning, they were back in the living room. The shepherd’s tail knocking
ornaments off our Christmas tree.

Kitty hid once again.

Ginny stopped by the Humane Society. “If you bring them in, we’ll see if they
have microchips. We can lend you leashes. We’ll check to see if they have microchips.”

We packed the two big babies into Ginny’s little car, drove to the Humane
Society. Both dogs were chipped. They learned who the owner was, called them and Ginny
arranged to meet them.

We took the dogs to the address, about a mile and a half from us and turned the dogs
over to the owner, who gave Ginny a big hug and thanked her.

Our good deed for Christmas was completed.

The father of the dogs’ owner said his son is thinking about getting rid of the young shepherd. She’s too much for the family to handle.

Ginny is now thinking about taking her. She’s big for our house, what a loving baby
girl she is.

Michael T. Smith

PS See the pictures of this big loving girl cuddled up with Ginny. Later that evening, Gin had
one of the dogs on each side of her. I missed getting a picture of that.