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Picking Up the Pieces in N. Carolina

Story ID:11253
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- N.Carolina. usa
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Sadly, the pieces I am referring to in my title are real living beings found in a North
Carolina puppy mill. Today HSUS’ Wayne Pacelle wrote about Paul Solotaroff’s feature
in this month’s Rolling Stone Magazine. The title-“The Dog Factory: Inside the Sickening
World of Puppy Mills.” Of course, the title really says it all.

I marvel that we as a country can’t do something to stop this cruelty where dogs are
kept in squalid and filthy conditions in wired cages to breed ad infinatum. Can you imagine
how painful it must be for them to stand up in or lie on a wired bottom for months or even
years? And this is certainly not a comfortable place for the poor female dogs who have to give
birth over, and over, and over again.

Per Pacelle -this is Solotaroff’s second venture into exploring animal issues. His first foray
in this regard was to expose agribusiness and its ag gag measures to silence critics for their
cruelty to farm animals in raising and slaughtering them.

Solotaroff also learned that there was probably a connection between ag gag measures and the
puppy mill trade. So he was happy to be able to explore this idea by joining the HSUS Animal
Rescue Team -when with the help from the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office in North
Carolina, they raided a puppy mill.

Sadly -though despite this being perhaps HSUS’ 25th raid in recent years in this state – North
Carolina legislature refuses to take action despite videos and photographic pictures as well as
testimonials from enforcement personnel re this cruel industry.

This rescue- as with so many other puppy mill rescues, appalled the rescue team. This is
the description Solotaroff gave- which in my opinion, is akin to comparing it to someone
entering a place from hell: “It was pitch-black inside, and the smell was a hammer. Here
were the parent dogs in desperate shape: blinded by cataracts and corneal ulcers, their jaws
gone or missing entirely for their teeth had rotted away. Some were so feeble they couldn’t
stand erect; their paws were urine-scalded and their wrists were deformed from squatting
on wire their entire lives.”

I am deeply saddened that the people of North Carolina and their legislators – especially the
latter who have done nothing to address this cruelty in their state. Of course, more agitation
from the people could very well alter their refusal to do something compassionate for a change.

Solotaroff also noted that not only are the plight of the dogs in North Carolina a burden placed
on law enforcement and animal welfare groups, but it is these groups who pick up the costs of
addressing the needs of these poor rescued dogs. He notes that the HSUS expects to spend at
least $100,000 on the raid because of the needed medical care for these poor dogs. And sadly -
not only agribusiness groups stand in the way of correcting this cruelty -but even the AKC is
complicit and unconcerned. I found that out years ago and absolutely refuse to support the AKC
in any way, shape or form because of their lack of compassion for the dogs in the puppy mills.

Thank you HSUS for your work in closing down as many puppy mills as you can. And thank you
Paul Solotaroff of Rolling Stone for your compassionate voice for the poor dogs in puppy mills
in North Carolina and wherever else they are found. Sadly there are probably way too many
of them in the United States. For people who care about this matter –much needs to be done
including Congress stepping in. Likely? I really don’t know.