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Crab's Corner-The Forgotten!

Story ID:11254
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I've been watching the political farce going on and I'm sick of it!

Talk about the need for new jobs. For whom! The Middle Class who constantly gripe about their jobs? Middle Class unemployed? What about the forgotten Poor no one will hire! We're forgotten!

Donald Trump lies every second and no one cares. He promises the world to Middle Class but us Poor? We're forgotten! Ignored!

Big stink about the saving of the Ethics Committee. But no one gives a damn about starving Poor being given garbage cast offs so people can get their tax deductions. No ethics there when you refuse to help others unless YOU benefit.

Trump's conflicts of interest. Big news! But homeless freezing in winter? No job training? Shelters closing to not correcting deplorable conditions there as a Shelter can be dangerous with assaults and thefts? No one cares! The homeless are forgotten until some Middle Classers wind up on the street!

Everyone's griping about Trump wanting to repeal Obamacare. He's not the first. What no one gets is that you're forced or financially penalized. Middle Class gripe how costs have risen medically despite Obamacare. But they still get decent care! We Poor get shoddy to minimal care! We're told that ER's aren't for us! Poor are told that we didn't "earn" decent medical care, that if we can't afford it just stay home to die. Lies are told that Poor get free medical care oblivious to the truth, that I can personally attest to, that we're billed just like everyone else. We get NOTHING free. Middle Class think decent medical care is a right exclusively for them but call it a privilege to Poor. Medical costs, decent care, non discriminaton based on pre-existing conditions only against Middle Class matter but Poor get discriminated against and get crappy care! That's ignored!

Politics, politicians, gripe about the Middle Class griping about what they're not getting, bemoaning how they've been overlooked and how Government needs to pay more attention to them. But their complaints are heard! The Poor really suffer. We're ignored! We're forgotten! Presidents never cared about us. Politicians in lower ranks never cared about us. When holidays are over, after food cast offs, clothes cast offs, second hand presents are handed out, Poor, homeless, are once again left behind! First scapegoated by blissfully clueless Middle Class, then ignored! Forgotten!

When will OUR say matter!