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Crab's Corner-A Lot Of Nothing

Story ID:11256
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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A lot of nothing stampedes on over the possibility that Russia helped get Dictator Trump elected. Wouldn't doubt it, but the electoral college not the voters had final say making voting a big joke.

Let's say it's true. We'll either pettily engage in hacking to add to our constant interference in other countries' running, or we'll be pettily stupid enough to do a real war which we're really good at.

Let's say it's true. Dictator Trump had a little help hijacking an election he's unqualified for which no one cared about falling for his bullying bluster. Will we stop Trump's swearing in? NO! Let's complain the election was fixed but keep Trump in so we can gripe about what we refused to change which we can I bet but won't. Like Trump, we'll never admit we're wrong in our actions. We'll choose to consider Trump's inane Tweeting as important. Admit it, Twitter! You enjoy the publicity so no revoking his account.

Washington men will yell about Trump's blunders for the next four years, when they could've put Hillary in but won't because men fear a woman for President who won the popular vote given no importance but retained by those same Washington men.

Pride and stupidity not ousting Trump who keeps proving his need to dominate and bully, lies, enjoyment of fighting, arrogance and all around instability, seals our fate because it's easier to allow a 70 year old man child to take over than acting out of sense and getting rid of him and starting over with Hillary. Admit it! If she acted like Trump because she's a woman it wouldn't be tolerated. Darn gender thing!

"Make America Great"? We're proving what a great joke we are by accepting Dictator Trump's strangle hold, because little men in Washington talk big against Trump and Russia, but won't get rid of Trump and using any excuse to fight Russia learning nothing from the past which we're expert at.

Whatever happens next, we'll richly deserve and true to our nature as a country, which I'm unafraid to voice, we're incapable of learning from!