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Crab's Corner-Why The Sudden Concern?

Story ID:11259
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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The comedy of errors continues when it comes to Trump's bullying this time with actress Meryl Streep getting into the act.

Excuse me, Meryl, if you're so disgusted with how Trump mocked that reporter that has a disability, then in your award speech why didn't you publically use Trump's name! Where was your wagging tongue over his Muslim bashing and insults against illegals whose jobs native born Americans refuse to do! Where was your mouth as he boasted on tape groping women! Oh right! No award ceremony for you to exploit as a platform! Upset Trump bullies, mocks, insults that got His Unfitness elected? Then call Trump out by name, Meryl, like everyone else does!

Why the sudden concern over how Trump insults! His Muslim fear mongering bashing got him elected and you, Media, covered every word with excitement! Not one of you reporters came to the defending aide of that handicapped reporter insulted by Trump in any playback!

Is Trump now responsible for influencing kids' awful treatment of people? NO! Parents are! Parents haven't done a good job as Trump's hatred and vindictiveness wasn't cut short by his own parents and adults look at Trump's meanness as strength. It got him elected!

Why the sudden concern over how Trump insults? Long before him, no one cared about their own insults about Hispanics, thinking they're all illegal, hyped by Media. And let's be truthful. Will YOU do an illegal's job? NO!

Muslim bashing hyped by Media started long before Trump and still marches on. Trump tapped into it, and Media doesn't stop it. Shame on you Donald Trump for how you mocked that handicapped reporter you say! Media did nothing to stop it! Cameras kept rolling. Now Media gets self-righteous? Meryl you said nothing until now. Will you be holding your award when Trump is sworn in? I won't watch!

Why the sudden care about Trump bullying and mocking? He's just more public in what Joe Public does against others when it suits! It got Trump elected!