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Crab's Corner-When Will It Stop!

Story ID:11261
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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When will the U.S. stop pretending to be victims! Oh Russia, we accuse you of hacking our elections. Shame on you! We're poor victims! Yet we made excuses for the NSA spying on American citizens. We tried to villainize Edward Snowden for bringing it to light!

Let's be so scared of Iran nuking us, ISIS finding a way to do it, Korea doing it to us. Oh we're such terrorist victims! Waaah! But hey! Let's still justify bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those people don't matter! No, you awful countries, you shouldn't have nukes, but hey, let's not give a darn about other countries' people being scared about ours! Only we're entitled!

Shame on you lawmakers for wanting to repeal Obamacare you rammed down peoples' throats rationalizing forcing people to buy or be financially punished like dictators. Ooo! Let's care about Middle Class' worries about ACA repeal, but no problem do we have telling Poor who complain about minimal care telling them shut up! You didn't "earn" decent care, low cost, be grateful for any scraps you get!

Oh poor you, American soldier! You've got that darn PTSD from tour after tour that you volunteered for! Oh woe is you! But we sleep very good at night don't we, not caring about PTSD, physical mutilation of those who live in a war torn country their entire lives that we only VISIT. Oh boo hoo on the PTSD American soldier who still thinks he's still in a war, but shame on YOU, refugee, for wanting to come HERE to escape! We don't want you, you'll be a burden. Pain, fear, mental anguish, is American owned only!

Putin, you evil dictator! Idi Amin you dead evil dictator! Kamer Rouge, you evil killers, Saddam Hussein you dead evil dictator, Kim Jung Un, you evil man! You need to be defeated! But hey fellow Americans, tell yourselves to "get used" to evil Donald Trump. Let's keep him anyway. C'mon other countries feel sorry for Americans being Trump Dupes! We don't care what he'll do to you! We're his 'real' victims!

When will it stop! When will we stop our evil deeds on others, domestic blunders, demanding victim sympathy!