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Crab's Corner- Shades Of Dictatorship

Story ID:11262
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Shades of dictatorship has once again reared its diseased face with the verbal shaming of politicians refusing to go to Trump's swearing in. The boycotting refuse to be bullied! At last!

Trump's election I think is illegitimate. Clinton was set up and you can pick which side had more of a hand. Oh wait! Or can you! Will others try to bully you to change your mind? Guilt you perhaps as judgement!

Trump started the absurd birther movement against Obama about legitimacy. He whines when it's done back?

Will boycotting Trump's swearing in stop anything? No. Our first dictator will be officially sworn in. Those attending will officially sanction his tantruming, paranoia, fear mongering bigotry, constant lying, petty obsessiveness over insignificant things, annoying repetition of words, Tweet insults, his instability as normal.

Much to Trump's and his supporters' disappointment, we still live in a free country! Supporting/attending in person/watching on television Trump's swearing in/accepting without question his position, is VOLUNTARY!

News commentators are shaming those who won't attend or agree with the boycott by questioning while excusing Trump's wet diaper bawling about it.

Donald J. Trump has never played fair. Tax cheating, suing, bankruptcies, inheriting his dad's big money, constant lying, dishonest greed and influence peddling are not Presidential strengths and tough if he doesn't like that!

Shades of dictatorship has lulled most into accepting/respecting Trump.

Power to the few politicians in Washington who choose to question and boycott Trump. But will they impeach King Trump for his many violations later? Or will the darkening shades of dictatorship swallow them up!