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Crab's Corner- Medical Insurance Politicians Still Don't Get!

Story ID:11264
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Watching the news and heard Rand Paul blather about Obamacare, and he and fellow politicians just don't get it!

Medicaide was mentioned making it sound like it was an awful thing. 'Poor' insurance vs. Medicare, 'good' insurance. Translation? Segregation! Why can't Poor have Medicare!

I got a letter threatening big fees! My barely affordable CPA is ignoring my exemption need I had to beg for the first time! I'm rarely sick! Why is ACA government force either ignored or unacceptable for Middle Class, Poor complain no one hears let alone gives a damn!

Middle Class and health coverage is all politicians care about treating them as important! Medicaide? It's an after thought and treated like a burden! Middle Class don't get enough doctor attention? A big deal! Poor treated like crap by doctors, our shoddy care complaints? IGNORED!

"Health coverage for all!" means Middle Class only matter! Poor are after thoughts or not mentioned! Middle Class interviewed, never Poor in health discussions! Middle Class think they're entitled to decent, cheap medical care, no one cares what crap Poor get!

ACA is force! Why don't dictator politicians get that! ACA too hard to get rid of! Impossible! Forcing or financial retaliation for Middle Class let's care! Penalties against Poor and bad outcome? Not even reported! Poor only good enough for insult Medicaide if we're reluctantly mentioned at all!

"Health care for all!" means only Middle Class and Rich benefit! Middle Class are screwed again? Hoopla! Poor getting screwed it's ignored or we're blamed for everything.