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My Personal Story of Obama

Story ID:11265
Written by:Donna Jeanne Zuk Adley (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Naugatuck Connecticut US
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In 1995 I wrote and copyrighted a book about a little giraffe from Kenya, The Adventures of Lil' Gif. In my book I called him Twiga Kibeta, but I think it is supposed to be Twiga Kidogo.

This giraffe had an oxpecker friend, Oxy, who had a brain like a Rolodex and taught him life's lessons.

Lil' Gif was made fun of because he had a different shaped spot and was short. Oxy quoted to him about Martin Luther King, and what he said about the content of his character instead of the color of his spot. Lil' Gif wants to go to this country and flies to America in a hot air balloon and lands in Hartford, CT. While here, he learns many life lessons as a child would see it tolerating all kinds of religions, honesty, lessons on the 'status quo,' including the police and the community having a symbiotic relationship similar to his and Oxy's (Oxy eats the bugs off Lil' Gif and sustains him, which sustains the health of Lil' Gif as well). Lil' Gif doesn't know how to read, then learns a bottle of pills is poison, wanting to make a better America.

Sounds oddly like a prophecy of Obama. Only I wasn't interested in politics. The first time I heard about Obama was somewhere between the end of 2005 and 2006. I had sold my house in Connecticut and moved down to North Carolina to be near my grandbabies. One day I heard someone talking about a guy with a name I couldn't remember. Another day I heard someone talking on TV and I ran to the TV and said to myself outloud, "Who is that talking making perfect sense?"

It was then I googled Obama and bought every book of his, including a cookbook. Work knew my obsession. One day at work, another nurse said, "Your 'boy's' running for President!"

Since then I was accepted into Quinnipiac University to obtain my Legal Studies degree. I moved back to Connecticut and got pretty involved to get him elected. For my Constitutional Law class and Civil Rights and Liberties classes, I read everything Obama had written as a professor. I also was there at the XL in Hartford to hear Obama speak during the Primaries. I remember the lines went all around the building ... twice ... and it was snowing.

Just before the election, I lost my job. Like a lot of people, I was very stressed during that economic downfall, with homelessness hovering around the corner. No matter where I went, I couldn't find a job. One day in 2009, I went back to North Carolina to look for a job, and visit my daughter and grandbabies. My daughter said, "You know, Obama is adding an extension to unemployment." I wept with relief and thankfulness. I have since found a nursing position here in Connecticut. In fact, the unemployment rate dropped what I think 9 or 10% to 4% since Obama was elected.

During that time, I also wrote another book about the election, "The Kingdom of US," that again is about a giraffe, and a whole kingdom of animals.

There is a haughty lion who gets elected every year because no one is brave enough to fight against him. Even Hilary, a lioness (I didn't use her name) yells out that it is a 'right-wing conspiracy," when the giraffe challenges the election.

Then all the animals ask the giraffe why he was so brave. How fast he runs? No. Is it because he's tall? N0. Fat? No. The color of his skin? NN! Then why?


And THAT was the story of the Kingdom of 'US.'


Both are copyrighted, neither are in print due to finances. If I get response, I will print them on Echo.