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Crab's Corner-Immigration

Story ID:11268
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Yahoo! For now Trump failed in his bid for bigotry but unfortunately he'll do like always, beat a dead horse with more paranoia disguising it as safety.

I have no problem with people concerned with safety but not driven by gloom and doom hope violence happens for gloating.

Yahoo for the judges for telling Trump that he doesn't have unlimited power as we don't live, much to his chagrin, in a dictatorship where you can bully your way into getting your way without question.

Is the world unsafe? Yes! But immigration isn't the cause, people who twist ideology are the problem and those twisters DON'T speak for everyone just like Trump's fears aren't shared by everyone, who, unlike Trump, DO see good in people and don't paint everyone as a danger.

People keep saying the order wasn't written right. Really? You can dress up bigotry only so much and it seems like too many expected the order to be written in a way to mask that bigotry saying it's a better way. Travel ban, immigrant ban, Muslim ban. Tell me which sounds better! In my mind they all sound the same. It's just a game of semantics of trying to make discrimination more palatable.

Immigration isn't the problem. Bad people who twist ideology to suit is bad. Immigration isn't the problem. Blaming others for what someone does or might do, just because they look like you, have your religion, be born where you were, isn't an excuse to ban people using fear mongering.

For now, Trump lost in his bid of making fear a priority to change minds, and he won't stop trying. Trump is a person twisted with fear and insecurity and determined to bring others down with him.

When Donald Trump takes this further because he hates to lose, perhaps he'll get his way. Should that happen, then we'll be no better than him, legitimizing fear, hate, constant distrust.

Be wary. Tomorrow you'll be his next target of distrust and there may not be anyone left to defend YOU.