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Crab's Corner-Pathetic

Story ID:11269
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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How more pathetic can this country get as there isn't a line we haven't crossed!

Jobs are always mentioned for the whining Middle Class who think they deserve everything, who gripe WITH a job, gripe WITHOUT a job who won't help Poor unless they get a tax deduction!

Poor are called financially challenged, needy, low income, penniless, destitute, unwashed, and a dozen other names because Middle Class choke on the word Poor! Poor are treated like a disease that needs constant reclassification insulting a segment of population constantly scapegoated or ignored.

We discriminate because of age, looks, gender, religion or lack of it, money, birth place, sexuality, color, language, weight, independent thought.

We try to blame immigrants using safety as an excuse, while tolerating crime. Bad you, immigrant, while coddling American born criminals we never say let's deport!

We stole the land from the Indians, had Slavery, Segregation, perpetuate sexism against women, rationalize torture, start or perpetuate war, fear nuclear destruction from others while still justifying nuking two Japanese cities from a country who surrendered out of fear of another nuclear strike out of just plain meanness, interned Japanese-Americans because of fear mongering bigotry, yet pretend we're such paragons of virtue.

Now we make excuses for a paranoid, hate and fear mongering president, whose clearly psychotic.

How more pathetic can we be!