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Crab's Corner- Will You?

Story ID:11270
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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No doubt Dictator Trump will continue his retaliation against illegals in a country who refuses to let them become legal. Will you, Trump, admit you used illegal Hispanics and Polish to build your crap? Of course not. Nor will you ever admit you paid them crap.

OK Americans who despise illegal immigrants considering them criminals, will YOU teach your kids not to lie, steal, identity theft your fellow Americans? Will you teach your kids not to rob, rape, child molest, and abuse their kids when grown with beatings and neglect? No! Look at the charges of American born criminals we have to support! Rape, murder, identity theft, child abuse, incest, armed robbery, assault. All the criminals you hear are those American born not illegals!

Take the Mexican lady just deported. She made up a Social Security number. Made it up not stole! You have to worry more about Americans you're forced to give your Socials say for a job or when you fill out medical forms. Who do the commercials scaring you about identity theft portray stealing your Social or credit card number in scam after scam? American born! Notice that home alarm system commercials always show American born criminals never illegals breaking in? Tax relief commercials for non payment, credit card debt relief commercials never show one illegal. They're all American born!

You who hate illegals and want them out, will YOU pick your own fruits and vegetables at crappy wages? No! Will YOU clean your own hotel rooms? No! Will YOU be dishwashers? No! Illegals will! With illegals gone, will YOU take ANY of their jobs? NO!

Have you who hate illegals even MET one? I did! He and his gang trimmed trees for the city in my neighborhood in 2006. One of them trampled my plants and I was furious. He was so upset that he offered to call his boss for me after he apologized. All anger left. He felt bad. No tree trimmer since, American born, gives a damn what they step on. I can't even get my American born mailman to stop stamping all over my lawn. He doesn't care! The interesting thing about those illegal tree trimmers is that they did the whole neighborhood in an afternoon. Today? You're lucky if your American born trash man comes the same day. About five years ago I walked past a water company guy SLEEPING in his running truck instead of doing his job for the water company who overcharge! The other day I saw on my local news traffic ticket offenders a reporter found who refused to pay until confronted. All American born!

Who would I trust more? That illegal tree trimmer I met in 2006 or American born neighbors who regularly dump their fast food wrappers on people's lawns and break beer bottles on the sidewalk! I'd trust the illegal who has more respect!

What jobs are illegals taking from you! See any illegals taking tech jobs? Taking your executive and salesman jobs? See any unemployed surgeons whose job was taken by an illegal? See any illegal lawyers, accountants, doing your cases or taxes? See any illegal barbers or beauticians doing your hair? Never once saw an illegal running a drycleaners. Is your electrician, heating and cooling man, plumber an illegal? I've yet to meet one. Are your cubicals at work filled with illegal workers? No to all that, so which job in hell have illegals taken from you!

You want illegals gone? Will you finally stop griping about no work and take their grunt work jobs? The answer is NO! Have I done grunt work like an illegal at low pay and no benefits in my youth? You betcha I did! I swept floors, worked in a restaurant kitchen, worked in a hotel in a laundry and failed miserably as a hotel maid. Hard to strip beds when bedspreads and mattresses are twice your size and you can't tolerate cleaning supply fumes. I also cleaned dog and cat cages and worked as a Temp with no benefits and creepy bosses. I even waitressed once and left because the boss was mean. I sympathize with illegals who put up with things I wouldn't today.

Be careful what you wish for illegal hater. With them gone, you'll have to take their jobs and actually show up and hold your tongue about wages you never appreciate!

None of our ancestors asked the Indians if we could come over here stealing their land and you can be sure Trump's immigrant relatives never asked to come here. They certainly never taught HIM to be an honest worker with all his exploiting of people.

He wants all illegals gone, fear mongering them and like you, would never do an illegal's work!