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Story ID:11273
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Location:Caldwell IDAHO United States
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It was the October, 2003.

It was a lonely and miserable time for me. Just days before, I held my wife’s hand as
she took her lasts breaths. I missed Georgia and the love we shared for almost twenty years.
I’m a man who needs love in his life. Love is complete. It gives life to the soul.

I was alone in New Jersey and joined an online support group for widows and widowers.
There was a fellow member. At first, she was just a name on the chatroom we frequented
every Friday night.

Her and I began to message each other privately, which led to phone calls and then to
me standing at the arrivals gate at the Newark, New Jersey airport three months later.

I stood at the arrivals gate, anxiously waiting for her. A line of people swarmed by,
but, finally, I saw her. She weaved her way through the crowd, passed through the gate and
into my arms.

That first hug was warm and special. She told me later that she dreamed about meeting
her first husband in a meadow. He gave her a special hug and whispered in her ear, “Everything
is going to be OK.”

“Michael, the hug you gave me at the airport was the hug I felt in my dream. I
knew you were the ‘one’”.

Ginny, thank you for being the love I

Happy Valentines, Baby.

Michael T. Smith