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Love Knows No Color

Story ID:11274
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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I grew up in the segregated South,it was a time when Black People could not even drink out of the same water fountain as White People,could not eat at the same lunch counter and must sit on the back of the bus.
When i was about 7 years old,my Mom left my Dad and got a divorce,it was not her fault but the fault was because of my Dads alcoholism and frequent nights when he didn't come home at all.After My Moms departure,Dad obtained the services of a huge Black Woman to cook and care for me when he was at work,being a small child I needed a Mother,and Aunt Suzie was my Mother in all Respects other than giving me Birth,she cooked my meals,she washed and ironed my clothes and even held me and loved me,for that was what i missed most,the holding and hugging of my Mom.
After a time though,work slowed down at the mill and my Dad could no longer afford to pay Aunt Suzie and had to let her go.
I missed her terribly and begged My Dad to take me to see her,after 2 weeks of begging, he took me one day to " the projects" where Aunt Suzie lived and as we approached Her apartment I saw Aunt Suzie sitting out side with her own Grand Children and ran to her,hugging her and telling her how much i loved her and missed her,I noticed her grand children staring at she and I in a shocked way and I noticed the look of consternation on my Dads face but i still hugged my Aunt Suzie and did not want to leave,my dad only got me to leave after promising me that we would come again real soon to see her.
As we walked away,my Dad told me that I should not have hugged that Nigger like that in public,not knowing what a nigger was it concerned me not at all,and to this day there is and always will be a place in my heart for My Aunt Suzie for in truth,Love knows no Color.