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Crab's Corner-Too Funny

Story ID:11279
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Oh gosh I just laughed my head off watching my MSNBC where a reporter interviewed two Trump voters/supporter farmers regarding immigration whose crops weren't mentioned. Boy were they funny! Both said that the immigration system was "broken", yet worried that if their illegal pickers can't come and do their work, what's going to happen to their crops on their generations long farms.

It was funny! Neither of those two farmers who think immigration is "broken" in terms of illegals, said "Well, we'll just have to hire Americans to pick our crop." Of course neither mentioned what wages they pay for their cheap labor knowing full well no American will be in their fields.

One acknowledged the reporter saying that they not only "feed" people but "feed the world". They're worried if they have no illegal work force thanks to Trump.

Reminds me of what my uncle once said talking about immigrants from he and dad's side from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, who were farmers, that Unk was condescending of, who were driven out of their countries, their farms taken, because they were Jewish. How long before Grandpa was born in 1889 in America did these relatives come, I don't think even he knew let alone could tell dad or my uncle. Only difference is, my distant relatives' skill at farming wasn't wanted or appreciated, using religion as an excuse for deportation from their own country! When you had several country Anti-Semitic Government at that time, feeding people as farmers didn't matter. Now we have a bigoted President who wants to take farmers' cheap immigrant labor force because of race not religion, that American farm bosses don't mind exploiting a fear mongered "broken" immigration system as long it suits their bottom line!

Too funny!