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Story ID:11282
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

I for one, am getting sick and tired of the blatant dishonesty of our media and our politicians. It is long past time when they should level with the American people, and the nation has been suffering, is now suffering and will continue to suffer from it in the future. The Bible quotes Jesus as saying, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” This is supposed to be a free country, but it is not. As long as we continue to be constantly lied to by our politicians and our media, and things continue to be misrepresented, we will not be.

There has been a certain amount of it that has always existed, but now the malarkey and false misrepresentation of things has gone so far that it is becoming rare any more to see or hear the truth. People generally, take sides according to what they want to think, and not at all what the truth is any more and it is destroying our country. I voluntarily spent 20 years of my life in a military uniform defending this country. I love this country and I take it personally. In view of my service, having been a veteran of both the Korean War and the Vietnam War with being in Florida ready for whatever was to come during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I believe I have earned that right.

Lately there has been a constant drumming over collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. It is non-stop. It never lets up. THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE! None. Nada. Zip. Yet, they want to ruin the reputation and career of an honest man over it and cry for him to resign as Attorney General. Why? Because when he was asked in context with the election campaign if he had colluded with the Russian Ambassador he answered truthfully, no. He did talk to him twice as a Senator and member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but that is not what he was asked. He was asked if he talked to him in connection with the campaign, to which he answered correctly and truthfully.

It is absolutely amazing they want to crucify him over that, while at the same time seeing nothing wrong with Loretta Lynch meeting secretly on a plane with Bill Clinton while Hillary was being investigated by the FBI on her illegal e-mail server, etc., and three days later the FBI director gave a 45 minute dissertation on why Hillary had violated a host of laws and then ended by saying he does not recommend prosecution. That, they don't see anything wrong with.

That entire thing by the way was a huge hoax on the American people because it is not the job of the FBI Director or head of any police department to recommend indictment. Law enforcement has nothing to do with that. Law enforcement agencies including the FBI, investigate and turn over their findings to the prosecutor. It is the responsibility and the authority of the prosecutor to decide whether or not to indict or to prosecute. The Grand Jury is the one who actually indicts. It is the prosecutors responsibility to ask for an indictment. Not the responsibility of the FBI or law enforcement. That whole thing was a public snow job. It was far from the truth. Loretta Lynch and Obama put the FBI Director between a rock and a hard place. It was not his place or his job and I can assure you that he was ordered what to say about the indictment. What he said before that, he did on his own to save face as much as he could.

Was there collusion between the Russians and an election campaign? Probably so, but not with the Trump campaign, but rather the Clinton campaign. Hillary was for sale to the Russians. They wanted Hillary to win. Why wouldn't they? In return for a half million dollar speaking engagement in Moscow for Bill Clinton, and a one hundred and forty five million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation, as Secretary of State, Hillary sold to the Russians one fifth of all the uranium reserves of the United States. Knowing they can make deals like that with Hillary, why in the world would they ever want Trump to win. Amazing isn't it? As soon as Hillary lost the election all these foreign big donors to the Clinton Foundation closed their check books and now the foundation is closing their doors. They can't get any more donations. Hillary can't sell our country to them any more.

In the last three days, Trump Tweeted that Obama had Trump Towers bugged during the campaign. They are having a fit over it. Obama is reported to deny it. The truth is, he did not. He had a spokesman come out with a very carefully worded statement chock full of if's, and's and but's to cover his behind just in case they prove something. There was no absolute denial and Obama himself has not said anything. His spokes person did.

According to the media, it is an outrage to even think, let alone suggest that Obama could ever be capable of such a thing. I don't understand why, since Obama ordered all sorts of illegal hacking in to e-mails, etc., of several different reporters that reported things or said things he didn't like. He ordered all kinds of illegal hacking and IRS auditing and whatever else he could do against his enemies or even people he perceived to be his enemies, even when they were not. Look what happened to that plumber who asked him a question when he decided to walk through a neighborhood when campaigning for his second term. How can someone believe he would not?

All sorts of politicians and lawyers have been interviewed about it and they all have one theme over and over again. It was not possible because FISA would have to approve it first and the White House cannot even ask the FISA Court for a warrant. They have had government lawyers on to explain how hard it is to get a FISA warrant for a wire tap and so on. It is all a smoke screen folks.

The truth is that Lorreta Lynch did apply to FISA for a warrant and it was denied. Later she applied a second time and it was denied. Finally, after eavesdropping on the Russian Ambassador they taped Flynn talking to him and Flynn was involved with the Trump campaign, they got a FISA warrant on the third try. Loretta Lynch, Attorney General did it. Of course Obama is going to deny he knew anything about it. That is all a matter of record and the media, if not the politicians they interview on the news, certainly know that. Have you heard any of them talk about that? No. Of course not. That part they find inconvenient to tell anyone about. Of course not.

Why? Because they don't want Trump to be in the White House. They want to bring him down and destroy him and all of his cabinet and staff with him. Trump has asked for a Congressional investigation in the matter, as he should. The media and the Democrats want no part of that, and therefore they have to try to make it look like Trump is an idiot to even think such a thing. I heard one person on TV today saying Trump doesn't know anything about the law, because if he did he would know the President and the White House can't ask for a FISA warrant. If he knew that he would know right away the story couldn't be true.

I am not suggesting it is the case, but I want to point out that the entire thing appears to be a smoke job. Why? Because first, the AG did get a FISA warrant to do just that. Second, all that FISA warrant stuff is what the law is and it is allegedly what any government agency has to do to tap a phone. That says nothing about anyone else wanting to tap a phone. You don't have to be a government agency to tap a phone. A lot of other people can and do tap phones. Criminals have done it since prohibition. Police departments all over the country do it. Some private investigators do it. It is unlawful of course, but they do it anyway. It is well known anyone with the right equipment and the know how can tap a phone. Any person who has worked as a telephone lineman or repair man can do it. TV Cable technicians probably know how. Equipment is easy to come by. It does not have to be very sophisticated. If Obama or anyone else wanted it done off the record, they could easily get it done.

Don't be fooled. It was done and it was dirty pool. Obama has proven many times that he is very comfortable with dirty pool. Trump has asked for a Congressional investigation. Is that something Trump would do if he had something to hide? I find that highly unlikely. From the Democrat politicians and from the media, all you are getting is smoke and mirrors to do a major cover up. Don't be taken in by it.