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Story ID:11285
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Dillon Montana USA
Person:Chuck Dishno
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By Fred Wickert

A few weeks ago Our Echo member Chuck Dishno of Dillon, Montanna suffered a stroke. His entire right side was partially paralyzed. He woke up one morning and had no function in that side. Realizing something was wrong, he called out for his beloved wife, Roz whom he has sung the praises of in his posts on Our Echo, the last one being to wish her a happy birthday in late January. Roz quickly called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

He had suffered a stroke. After being treated in the hospital he was transferred to a rehabilitation unit where he was given physical therapy twice a day in an effort to get the effected side working again. At first they told him he should be going home in two to three weeks. Later that was revised to probably six weeks.

A mutual friend had called him in regards to something they had been discussing. He had his cell phone with him and he answered the call. The person was surprised by his announcement of what had happened to him. He requested that I be notified and asked for me to call him, which I did.

I called him every few days after that. He had asked Roz to bring his lap top to him together with his mouse. Like me, he used an external mouse with his lap top. He tried to use it. He wished to e-mail all his friends and to write of his experience and post it for us on Our Echo. One time when I called him, he was frustrated. He had his hand on the mouse and trying to use it, but he could not control it. His hand was not steady enough. His PT trainers told him, “Be patient, you're almost there. Just another day or two.” Another week went by and he still couldn't do it.

I don't recall whether it was Sunday or Monday that I called him. He had just come back from a physical therapy session. It was hard to converse with him because his voice was so weak I could only hear him half the time. I told him I was going to have surgery on my eye Wednesday and I had to go back the next morning to see the surgeon. I told him about the restrictions they told me I was going to have and that I did not know when I would be calling him again, but that I would call again as soon as I was able to.

I called again tonight and Roz answered the phone. I asked her if Chuck was available. Roz replied she was awfully sorry to have to tell me, but that Chuck had passed away Wednesday. The same day I was having my eye surgery. Roz and I talked for a while after that. During the conversation she informed me that she is not familiar with the internet and computers. She wondered if I would mind informing all his friends on Our Echo. I assured her that I would do so.

This is the second time I have had to report an Our Echo members death and they both were from Montana. They knew each other well and had been friends for many years. They lived only a short distance from each other. Chuck and Roz lived in town in Dillon and Kathe Campbell and her husband Ken lived up on a mountain but they were close enough that they did see each other now and then.

Chuck and his witty stories of Dillon and of Blyh, Oregon and his time in the army, as a projectionist, etc. will be missed greatly. His comments on our stories will be missed too. Some of them were really witty and kept us smiling a lot. Tonight the smiles are gone at first, but as your memory begins to wander back to some of his antics, you can't help to break in to a grin.

Maybe God in Heaven is smiling right now as Chuck relates one of his stories from his younger days in Blyh, you think maybe?

I hope you will all remember Chuck in your prayers, and please say a prayer for Roz too. A daughter of Roz lost her husband some time back. After her husband passed, she moved to Dillon to be near Roz and Chuck and bought a house there. She has been a blessing to them as she has helped them and visited them nearly every day. Roz is alone now but not for long. She will be moving in with her daughter. Again, please remember them in your prayers.

We have lost a good man. We will miss him. God rest his soul and may God bless his soul. Amen!

I debated with myself as to whether I should tell you this, but I think Chuck might like to have me share it with you, so I will.

For a long time Chuck has been collecting little sayings, verses and so on that he has seen quoted in different places. He found some in magazines, some in news papers, some on paper napkins in a restaurant, and some on the little paper slips you find inside of a Chinese fortune cookie. It was his intention that when he had collected enough of them , he would put them all in a book and publish it. The last I knew he had collected over 800 of them.

I go every week to a Chinese Buffet. Every other week I go there twice because my brother in law and I meet each other there. When the waitress brings the bill, there is always a complimentary fortune cookie for each member of your party. After I learned Chuck was interested in them for his intended book, I saved the slips and sent the verse on the slip of paper to Chuck in an e-mail. I began asking the waitresses to bring me extra fortune cookies. They complied. It got to the girl automatically bringing me five fortune cookies. When my brother in law joins me, they bring one for him and five for me. He gives me his so I go home with six of them. Somehow I usually manage to come up with a dozen fortune cookie slips every two weeks and on the other weeks I only have five.

The day after my eye surgery I had to go back to see the surgeon again. It is 40 miles to get there and I am not allowed to drive that day. I called my youngest daughter and asked her if she would drive me to and from the appointment. She said she would.

My youngest daughter is Chinese. She is married to a Chinese man. Together they operate a Chinese carry out restaurant where you can get food to take out, or if you prefer, you can come inside, sit down at one of the tables, be waited on as in some other restaurant and eat your meal there. They too, give all their customers complimentary fortune cookies.

When my daughter agreed to pick me up and drive me to my doctor appointment, she asked if there was anything I wanted her to bring me and I said no. Then I said well yes, maybe. I asked her how many cases of fortune cookies they had on hand. I asked further if she could bring me a case without being in danger of running out. She replied there was no problem of that as she had just ordered ten more cases and the truck delivers twice a week. She asked me if I liked them that much and I told her no. I told her that I just take out the paper slips, then break them in pieces and feed them to the outside birds.

I further explained to her my intention was that on the weeks I was short and did not have enough to send Chuck a dozen, I would make up the difference out of the case she brought me. Yesterday when she came to pick me up, she came to the door carrying a case of 400 fortune cookies. I figured I could send Chuck a dozen fortune cookie sayings every week for more than a year. Chuck will no longer be needing those fortune cookie sayings. I have a case of 400 of them on my hands. Maybe I can have a lawn sale in the spring and give each customer a free bag of fortune cookies.