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Crab's Corner-U.S. Led Stereotypes

Story ID:11286
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Read on a Forum a poster who owns a store blabbing about their irrational fear of Middle Easterns coming into it in head scarfs and I wish he'd get over his irrational fears.

What next! Tremble in your boots if an American woman whose going through chemo has on a scarf because she's lost her hair? Or perhaps you'd prefer her to go around bald headed so you can make her feel more uncomfortable with your rude staring.

The other day I was watching a cable show called SCOLA that takes you around the globe so you can see their news in their languages. I like to see how many French or Spanish words I can understand. I found Bulgaria interesting. They use the same writing as Russians but don't know if Bugarians speak Russian as I can't tell. Their commercials are amusing. In Bugaria I saw winter and people walking around a forest and the inside of a high end store that looked like a Mall. I've seen Russia but only in America did I learn who Putin is and see him. I saw a bad flood in Bulgaria.

The most interesting was a show called Middle Eastern Showcase which is all news. At the time it was from Jordan. I don't know if it's always from there as I just discovered it. Who was the studio anchor I saw? A woman in Western clothes! The only woman news anchor I saw so far in head scarf was when Africa came up and she sat at the same news desk as the man. Who are the field reporters in the Jordanian news? Men. How did the women dress in the Jordanian street shown? In long dresses with head scarfs. None were walking around with only eyes shown and they didn't show any men.

The show took me to some village meeting. Who was there in the room? Men and women TOGETHER! None of the segregation we hear about at least in that room in Jordan. If there is segregation between men and women in the Middle East why are we so angry about it when we had segregation based on color here! The men were listening to the women. There were women with and without head scarfs proving it as voluntary! Not one woman was so covered so all you saw were eyes! Not one of those women that talked to men had their eyes down. Not one of those men did the Trump Grope either!

I was distressed seeing a bombing. Where it was I don't know. It brought tears to my eyes.

I don't understand Arabic in general but oddly understood the Arabic for Syria and Arabia which was easy to figure out, that was discussed. Didn't hear any words for America proving that they're not obsessed with us. Yes, America, there are countries who have other things to talk about than us! It was all local news just like here. Unlike our news where all they show are angry Middle Easterns, at least in that broadcast there were no angry people against the U.S. shown. Not one American soldier was shown prowling the streets. Here, you always see that. Nice to see no soldiers from any side for a change. They did show a bomb go off which upset me.

Arabic is rather rhythmic and not as gutteral and angry as say German sounds. None of the speakers were angry yellers. We're always shown angry people. The most interesting thing I saw in both the Middle Eastern Showcase and in the Africa broadcast is that both had sign language interpreters on set that they don't have in American news. PBS used to show some sign but no longer. Used to American Sign it was fascinating to see foreign sign which on reflection makes sense remembering when I took sign classes and learned that not only is sign language considered a recognized language as thousands use it in the deaf community, but is different as a language depending on where you're from like spoken language. It's rather ironic that we like to portray the Middle East containing all bad people as a stereotype when the Middle Eastern Showcase is considerate enough to have a sign language interpreter on set. My TV does have captioning if I put it on and it's not exactly accurate.

I seriously doubt that Forum poster would ever want to watch SCOLA to actually learn. And what would he learn? He'd see Bugarians laughing and joking over a video game. He'd have seen a flood. No tanks would he see. I don't know if Bulgarian news talks about Putin but saw none of him. The Forum poster would see Middle Eastern women in American dress and anchoring the news. Not one head scarf! He'd see a room full of Jordanian men and women talking amongst themselves as equals and hugging before leaving. He'd see a Russian Mall and from what I gathered talking about product and a lot of it in a high end store. Not ONE mention or picture of Putin!

The Jordanian newscast did show a bomb go off. ONE! I didn't see any images if ISIS. Didn't see any tanks. Didn't see any American soldiers. Didn't see any protests or American flags burning. That's not to say it doesn't happen but compared to our news who shows nothing but American soldiers skulking about the streets in the Middle East, only showing angry Palestinians or angry anti-American protests, bomb after bomb going off, it was nice to see that violence isn't constantly, joyfully shown. Our news only wants clips of war and destruction.

I've seen other foreign broadcasts before from SCOLA and it doesn't matter that I don't know the language. I've seen Poland, Russia, Africa, France, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Argentina, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Mexico, Slovakia. I wonder if Slovenia has been shown yet. Wonder what that language sounds like. I don't watch often so I'm missing a lot of countries. The only time I've ever seen Putin is from here! What a relief not to see Trump anywhere in SCOLA so far.

When it comes to the Middle East broadcast I saw, it showed Middle Easterns as people and not all terrorists, while we do nothing but show terrorists. No wonder that Forum poster store owner is paranoid with fear over Middle Easterns thanks to American led stereotypes and insistance on only covering violence and villainization which he's quite satisfied with.