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Story ID:11290
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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One empty toilet paper roll all dolled up and you have Roll-A-Chi! So what I did was stuff an empty toilet paper roll with shredded paper making sure I didn't cave in the sides and took scrap squares of cereal box cardboard to tip each end using for each end the weight of an old jar of pepper corns as my rock is way too heavy.

Since the only bill I do is by check and the rest by phone I save bill envelopes I do by phone for their inner patterns and took some that were blue criss-cross and glued on the paper punches.

On the top I decided to put some old brown craft rocks I've had for years, dipped into my scoop of kitty litter from the bag for surrounding pebbles, and filled the gaps between the brown rocks with cut off filaments of donated Christmas white on clear garland for a 'plant' spray effect. Everything stuck real good on the cardboard top and the bottom was paper punch brown paper bag.

Rimmed the top and bottom with patterned napkin that I use sparingly. It made a nice floor for my Chi to sleep on.

My jewel I tried to put as straight as I could using my Chi's head as reference. The way I had to turn my puppy so you can see more than just a head makes the jewel look lopsided but it really isn't.

Plastic plates, bar soap boxes, cleaned out sardine, soup, cat food cans, paper stuffed baking soda boxes have now a new member in the base department. My TP roll art is nothing new as I found pictures of more complex art using them. I have so many bases I need to use up before I start saving more TP rolls.

I think I did pretty good in this first try.