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Animal Lives Matter

Story ID:11298
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - Greece and ?
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I believe that all life is precious and that includes not only human lives, but animal
lives as well. Of course, not every one feels as I do- though thankfully, there are many
people with compassionate hearts who do and agree. In this post I will give only two
examples of happenings where animal life is not only disrespected, but the animals
are the victims of needless cruelty.

Of course, there are really countless numbers of examples of animal cruelty -but in
the interest of time and space, these two examples should be adequate as I am sure
many of us are aware of animal cruelty -even if we donít belong to any of the animal
rights groups. Surely, a loving God does not want his animal creation to suffer because
all that He created is good and deserving of love and respect.

I was prompted to write about this when I read in horror that one man skinned alive a
snake, and even proudly showed onlookers her still beating heart in his hand. How
could anyone take pleasure in not only torturing this poor snake, but proudly displaying
her tortured body?

Yes, it repulsed me even though snakes and all reptiles, for that matter, are not my favorite
species. Many years ago I had read that people who own snakes buy live mice to feed
them. I thought then and still think today that this is also cruel. There is absolutely no
feelings for the poor mouse who will have to face with no means of escape the jaws of
a snake. I had read at this same time that in England zoos they feed frozen prey to their
reptiles. I believe anyone with an ounce of compassion should do the same.

The next account is of a puppy named Hagan who was the plaything of children living in
a gypsy camp near Athens, Greece. Sadly, these children put a plastic chain around his
neck, tied him up, and then just forgot about him.

Luckily- somehow Hagan escaped- though with the plastic chain still around his neck. Now
he had to scavenge for a living. Though the children saw him occasionally, he stayed his
distance from them. Even so, they would throw him scraps of food from time to time. But
now the chain dug into his neck- causing a painful, open, oozing wound. Slowly it began
choking the life from him.

And then thankfully, a volunteer from Ghost dogs of Aspropyros found him. By now he was
weak and exhausted and probably just days from death. Surgery was performed, and after
eight hours of painstaking work, the embedded chain was removed and Haganís life was saved.

Per Network for Animals Ė Haganís case of homelessness in Greece is not rare. And though
there is an economic crisis in Greece, puppies are still being given to children Ėonly to have
them later abandoned because they donít have the extra money to properly care and feed
them. Let us hope that more people realizing this will not take in any animals they can
not afford to care for. It is the only compassionate thing to do.