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Real Friends

Story ID:11302
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID United States
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The year of 2016 and 2017 has been a medical hell for me. As I went through my
torture, I learned who and what true friends are.

For the last five months, I worked from home. I didn’t want to be in the office
scratching, spreading dead skin and drips of blood around the office.

I was miserable.

One friend, who works on the other side of our split company and is not part of
the one I am in, started bitching at me. “You never come into the office anymore. You
never come in when it snows.”

I replied, “I’ve been sick. I can hardly walk from my car to the building.
I don’t drive when it snows, because I can work from home. I’m not risking my life
when I can work from home.”

We had a nasty winter day. I asked my co-worker, “Did you drive to work today?”

They replied, “No! I took a taxi.”

My anger grew.

She took a taxi?

This so-called friend only had to commute a few miles.

A taxi ride of twenty-three miles to work and the same distance back would have cost me my wage for the day.

They didn’t care if had to travel more miles than they did. To them, it was all a joke.

This was a friend I’ve trusted for years. They didn’t care if my life was in danger.
if I traveled to the office. They didn’t care if I was safe at home and working.

They took a taxi.

My worse year of medical conditions arrived and this person could care less.
This person started harassing me nightly. As soon as I got on Facebook, they started in on

It was cyber abuse.

After the third night, I got wise and unfriended that person.

At the same time I met that friend, I met Kevin.

Ginny and I met his wife and the four of us fell in love.

On Sunday 04/09/2017 Kevin and Victoria invited us for lunch. Kevin is an amazing

We had a great time.

Ginny mentioned that we needed a lawnmower and a trimmer. Kevin said, “I have
a spare trimmer. You can have it.”

“That would be great.” Ginny said.

We left their house with a weed trimmer and full bellies.

We stopped at the grocery for a few supplies. Ginny drove slowly down our street.

In the distance, I saw my car parked in our driveway. Behind it, I saw a man with a
lawnmower. It appeared as if someone was mowing our lawn.

We got closer. Vickie was on her knees pulling up weeds and Kevin was
mowing our yard.

There are two types of friends: Those who step up and help and those who

I know real friends.

Michael T. Smith