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Story ID:11303
Written by:Gabrielle Eve Blair (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Anywhere Anywhere
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For a moment I hold you in my gaze,

a mandala of startling luminous colours.

A twist of wrist shatters your many parts

to fracture your perfect harmony.

One instant, you are effervescent bright,

the next, transformed to darkness.

Unstable, you rearrange yourself,

chameleon-like. You are unique

yet the sum of what you are remains the same.

I see the willow from whose dangling tresses

multitudes of spear-shaped leaves

shimmer to the music of the wind,

their random dance, light-hearted,

unlike yours of puzzling complex patterns,

and choppy transformations.

Choreographed to morph at quicksilver speed,

yours lack their fluttering grace.

Kaleidoscope of brilliant brittle glass,

a magician with many fleeting faces,

each more beautiful than the last,

I hold you in my captive gaze

and know that you will never match the vibrancy

of the dancing willow leaves.

By Gabrielle Blair
April 11, 2017