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Eight Years of Suffering for Joey

Story ID:11308
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- Pennsylvania USA
Person:Stephen Wells
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I recently experienced a renter from hell. I only have two tiny furnished apartments,
but sometimes I manage to get some unsavory characters as renters. Because the
apartments are tiny, I get more male renters then female since space is usually not
a premium concern for them. This time I took in a man who I felt was homeless and
in need of lodging on this cold December evening when he knocked on my door.

To make a long story short- he proved problematic and unkind. I even had to call the
police because he was disturbing both the other renter and myself with his loud
antics. After I served him a 3 day notice to vacate, he one day soon after -seeing me
go to church on a Saturday evening decided to lock the hall door –intending to lock me
out of my own home! Luckily I had a key hidden so I was able to get in. My hell lasted
only until February when I was able to evict him.

But Joey, a small Yorkie type of dog would have to live (if you can call it that) a
hellish existence for eight very long years before she was rescued from a Pennsylvania
puppy mill. Forced to live in a small cage of wire and flimsy plywood, Joey was made to
produce litter after litter of puppies for her cruel, thoughtless owners. And this poor
mother- as all the other mother dogs, never had a chance to bond with any of their
progeny as they were removed at an early age and then sold to pet stores.

Yes, you have heard this story before. I am sure legislators have also heard about
the exploitation of so many poor innocent dogs, and yet the horror continues. With
this story and a request for monetary help, Animal Legal Defense is asking us to sign
a petition asking Governor John Kasich to help end the national disgrace of puppy
mills in Ohio.

Yes, the same message is probably sent to people in Pennsylvania and all the other
states which keep these poor dogs in a virtual hell until they are rescued or killed when
they can no longer produce puppies.

Sadly unless you get your dog from a shelter, you may well be complicit in this cruelty.
If you need a dog, please think twice before supporting pet stores who carry puppy mill
dogs. Yes, we need to get legislation to put these terrible puppy mills out of business
but since that seems highly unlikely, then of course, let’s not encourage their existence
by supporting stores which carry puppy mill dogs.

If you are still not persuaded – maybe this short poignant observation of Stephen Wells,
Executive Director of Animal Legal Defense Fund wrote when seeing first hand while
rescuing dogs from these horrible places:

“The smell hits you first –the nauseating stench of so much urine and feces. Then
you see the dogs packed into cages, cowering in fear, with matted fur and often, visible
wounds—abscesses, tumors, paws wounded and deformed because they’re forced to
stand on mesh flooring.”