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Pumpkin Goose Standup

Story ID:11310
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Pumpkin Goose Standup

Here's a nice new stand up using a shredded paper stuffed empty cat food can. Bought lots more for my Manny so I have a steady supply. This time I did something different. Having run out of cereal box cardboard I was determined to make thinner cardboard work so I topped and bottomed my can with oven bake pizza box cardboard lying around. I put extra glue on, weighted it down with my rock on my table rather than my plastic bead box and waited a couple days to make sure all was dry. Waiting longer worked, and putting on extra glue worked. I can't be glue conservative.

My tin foil disks are traced from a penny. Who knew a penny could be so big! My dots are from scrap cereal box and glued onto my disks. I've had to stick them on several times because glue and aluminum foil don't like each other. I'll still work with it. Perhaps heavy gluing may work better. I hate super glue because it clogs the tube but I may have to resort to that if craft glue just won't work better gluing cardboard onto foil.

My pumpkin was from glossy junk mail. The Geico goose was trimmed off an ad and glued onto the pumpkin. Glossy paper has no problem with things glued onto it.

My background is my metallic Acrylic I seem to be running out of. One coat works but I like to use two. Gotten from Hobby Lobby they have lots of great metallics and regular Acrylics so it'll be tough picking the perfect next shade. They're all so delicious. Could a detail brush from them be next too? Haven't had a detail brush in so long. Literally wore my old one out. The bristles fell out. I still have my old Enamals but the tops are stuck. Someday I'll have to put my pliars to work on them. Just too lazy to fool with them.

Anyhoo, Geico goose stands on kitty litter granuals that go well with my envelope innard border edge. I like to switch from visible borders to none that are paper punches cut in half and put on the rim so they're not seen.

The outside is my paper punch layering of my old printer paper. When that and my brown paper bags are gone I'll be on the hunt for nice patterned wrapping paper.

The stand is paper wrapped cut incence sticks from my collection in a brown and white sqiggly pattern from saved gas bill envelopes.

The back and side rim of the can's bottom edge are layered with brown paper bag punches.

If I could just keep my mits off of this my foil disks' blue and red cardboard punches would stay better but I'm always shifting it from place to place in my spare room art room where I keep my newer ones. My messy official art room has boxes and boxes of past projects. I'm running out of room, so some day I'll have to look for plastic baseball display cases that I think could be the perfect size for my stand ups so I can stack them against walls which I have plenty of and when I can use up all my art room floor which has literally years of collected scrap supplies strewn to the four winds I'll have more space. I have more scrap than art but slowly it's being used up. I'm starting to see floor I haven't seen in years.

I recently got these little plastic eggs filled with multi-colored rubber dinosaurs literally a few centimeters high which will be fun to use and topped a Stegosaurus stand up with one. It's so cute! Miniatures always fascinated me and these little rubber dinosaurs put the "m" in miniature! A sardine can could have a whole herd of them in the future with room to spare. Been chewing on the idea for a dino piece for weeks.

I've also been chewing on the idea of how to use a couple empty air freshener spray cans. The recycle people won't take 'em. Since I've done TP roll art I'm sure I can use an empty spray can. Having bathroom shelves spray can animal art would be great decoration.

Well, time to start work on my West Highland Terrier can stand up.