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Basset Hound Head Standup

Story ID:11312
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Basset Hound Head Standup

Basset Hound Head Standup

This is a nice new Basset Hound head project. A while ago I put one up in a sardine can standing up so this is another example of how I'm able to take the same picture of duplicates to make a piece totally different.

I took an empty cleaned cat food can and filled it with shredded paper and did my bottom and topper with pizza box cardboard as my cereal box cardboard is nothing but scrap, glued on and weighted it. In trimming I seem to have trimmed a hair too much but no problem as it makes it unique and still workable.

On the outside of the can where my checkeboard pattern is overlaying paper punches of old printer paper I didn't have to bend my squares to fit the shape of the can with my pizza box cardboard. The little squares for the frontal checkerboard arch I delved into my cereal box scraps. Have all sorts cardboard scrap and brown paper bags cut up on my dining room table so whatever falls into my grasp that I need that's what's used. My bead box is the only thing organized and I put the stuff to be glued on top which also includes the toothpick for glue spreading.

Two coats of my metallic blue pearl Acrylic for the background that dried by the time I had cut and papered the tiny checkerboard frontal pattern arch to be added.

I brown paper bag paper punched the bottom which I didn't show but I did show a side view of my bigger checkerboard paneling and my stand up legs that are cut to fit incense sticks from my tube, papered in a spiral black on white and glued on.

The frontal smaller flower is cut and trimmed off my donated snowflake contact paper and is removable. The sticky part doesn't take glue.

The two side flowers are scrap red from a cereal box and the flower centers are from the same scrap but covered with thinner black phone book paper.

Basset head is on a trickle of used tea mixed with powdered seed from my jar.