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My Name Is Montana Sky

Story ID:11313
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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My Name Is Montana Sky

Hi! My name is Montana Sky and I'm a Chihuahua. March is my birth month and I was born in 2002. I'm 15 years old.

I'm a special girl mom says about me and I guess I am. Mom got me at a pet shop and yes, unfortunately I was from a puppy mill. My front legs are a bit crooked and on rare occasions my back's disk goes out on me and I've never really been a big eater until of course mom gives me my favorite snacks mixed into my meals that mom always has to fuss at me to eat.

When mom came into the store I had just come in from Tulsa, and I had kennel cough no one cared about. I was terrified when I was carried out but as soon as I saw mom, in that crowded pet shop, I couldn't take my big eyes off her! Oy was I smitten!

Mom held me gently and was surprised that I only weighed 1 1/4 pounds. Now I weigh 6 lbs. Mom took me into this little walled off space in the middle of the store and started talking to me. I gave her a big kiss and lay on her legs for a nap. I was so tired.

Mom was the first I'd seen when I was brought out and did I just barely notice that no one looked at me as I was carried to mom. No one wanted to pet me along the way. Was it because they just didn't like Chihuahuas? We're not that bad!

Mom said she wanted me but the store said no. I had kennel cough. Mom said she didn't care! She had a Vet who would cure me and within a week I was. I like the Vet unlike my cat brother who tried to kill me in his jealousy, but we're close now.

Mom had to buy all sorts of nonsense before I was finally given. A cage I hated, pet food I detested even more. I do like my food bowls and leash. Mom still has my very first collar I outgrew. I look stunning in blue so my collar, raincoat, and fall coat, are blue. I may be a girl but pink isn't my color. Mom has in the basement all the sweaters I outgrew. And toys? I have a bunch but I'm a big girl now so I don't play with them. I think mom's favorite of my toys is my pink bunny and brown teddy bear. She tries to get me to play with them. Not interested. I'm a kisser and a lover of neck and side rubs. My play? Yapping for my favorite treats just because they're there. I don't always get my way but I like to keep trying.

I may be a puppy mill dog but I love mom so much! I remember when we went to the nearby mailbox before they took it away around the corner and we were crossing the street. I was about four months old, and it was after breakfast when we went to that corner mail box and walked in the street and a car tried to run us down that mom can't hear from behind. Well I pulled her aside and the car passed. Darn if another car didn't try to take us out walking back from the mailbox and I pulled mommy out of the street! She was a bit scared as she couldn't hear that car either. See, I'm not a leash puller, but mom needed saving and I made her follow me. I've never had to pull her to safety again. Imagine that! Me! A Chihuahua pulling my mom away from danger when I was such a tiny thing. All in a day's work!

I was about 6 months old when mom was doing her yard work. It was too hot for me to go out so I was inside with the air conditioning. Mom came in but she wasn't right. She seemed confused and she had trouble going upstairs. Well, my super hearing heard her whisper "help me" and I became Super Chi! I bounded up those big carpeted stairs and found mom had collapsed. Licking her face she was so hot! Not a drop of sweat. I knew she should've eaten and drunk water before going out front. So I pushed and prodded her with my tiny paws until she sat up. I barked and pushed harder with my paws until she stood up. She remembered she needed water and got it. If it wasn't for me who knows what would've happened. I got my favorite treat.

Did my saving her life end when I pulled her out of the path of two cars behind us that she can't hear or from being too hot? Nope! Two years ago a robber kicked our side door open. How dare he look through mom's things! I barked and barked and I can be shrill! Mom was upstairs and was probably just waking up and I barked so much that that man didn't go upstairs. I've never bitten any human before but I would have with him had he gone upstairs! That bad man was never found by Police. I may not look like much at 6lbs. But I made sure mom was safe. Warned her again a few years earlier during winter when someone came in. Mom was shoveling. I don't like snow so mom kept me inside with the door unlocked so she could come in faster. Mom heard my alarm and caught the man heading into the basement. Boy was he in a pickle! When mom yelled him upstairs he saw me behind a door leading to the kitchen wanting to sink my teeth into him as I was banging against that door. I bared my fangs good. He got chased out by mom.

I love my mom. She makes my meals every day fussing me to eat. I never have much appetite until she fusses and of course treats me.

Mom taught me how to use the litter and it only took me a week to learn and mom would praise and treat me. I can't now as I'm old but when I was a pup I'd turn in circles with excitement I made her so happy using the box right and mom knows better than to shortchange me on the potty box treat. I let her know with my shrill barks.

Mom taught me how to sit and "gimme five" which we do sometimes. Yup! I still remember after 15 years!

I'm a big licker. Face, arm, leg, doesn't matter to me, and she hugs and pets and kisses me. She does that to my cat brother, Manny. But I know I'm her favorite. I used to pick on Manny. Serves him right for trying to kill me as a puppy, but mom stopped it. My cat brother and I are close now.

I may be not so perfect physically having a bad back, not a big eater, with crooked front legs which don't restrict me from running or walking, but I'm a great dog! Mom knew that despite my being a puppy mill dog, I deserved a home and love. Too many write us off. No one else wanted me at that pet store but mom and she wouldn't leave until I was gotten, kennel cough and all. The medicine she gave me from the doctor was so good! I took it from the dropper like a pro!

On the rare times my back goes out on me and I'm so stiff in the neck mom hand feeds and waters me, carries me out to do my business, in a couple days I straighten out.

My back legs at times give me trouble and I do look a little hunched and once I fell down a couple stairs. Scared mom silly! She took me to the doctor in my brother's carrier walking a long way since we have no car, got my meds and I'm running up and down those stairs to show her she doesn't need to worry. I do tend to walk a little stiffly but you should see me run in my back yard grass or around the dining room table. Mom looks at me and I run counter clockwise around her table.

Mom put my bed-well it was my cat brother's that I stole from him-next to the living room couch and she always checks on me. She thinks I'm asleep. But I see her before I close my eyes tight and sleep. And what do I do? I hop out of my bed and check on her on the couch and hop back into bed. I'm such a mimic! My cat brother is with mom on the couch and she's in excellent paws.

I love mom because she loves this old puppy mill dog she affectionately calls puppy girl and bear cub. I'm hardly some high class Shelter dog. But I'm good enough.

Mom loves me so much and as old as I am I think I have a few good years left. She doesn't know it, but when my time comes and I'm buried in the back, I'm going to be checking up on her as I'm sure my brother, Manny will. He'll be 17 years old come October and he may have some good years left to take care of mom. He's from a breeder.

My name is Montana Sky and I'm the product of a puppy mill. Mom and I fell in love at first sight. I'm her puppy girl now and forever, and I'm just as good as a high class Shelter dog.

Time for my nap.