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Dancing in the Moonlight

Story ID:11315
Written by:Janice Dolores Marler (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Troy Ohio United States
Person:Drug Addiction
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Dancing In the Moonlight

I recall a time when I danced
in the moonlight, walked the
shores of beautiful lakes
camping out with deception
and illusion.
I wandered down paths
of suffering and pain.
That's how it all began,
but once is all it takes.

I was young and wanted to fit in,
to belong. I thought I was grown.
We sat in circles getting
drunk and stoned.
One thing led to another,
before I knew it, I was hooked.

My fraudulent friend deluded me,
called it 'living life to the fullest'.
Now, all I ask is, “When will it all end?”
I had bottomed out.
My true friends, who loved me,
offered their support,
and a caring hand.
They led me down a righteous road
out of a desolate land.

They put their loving arms around me,
and told me God would forgive
my trespasses and stay all my fears.
All I had to do was ask.
It took time, before I took off the mask,
I had been hiding behind all those years.

Yes, God sent His only son to die
for those who had gone astray;
today, I am clean.
He alone can quench the thirst
and our fears allay.
No one need dance in the moonlight
with a fraudulent friend,
or walk the shores with deception
and illusion,
when you can walk, with the saved,
hand in hand on the path
to the promised land.

© Janice Bumbalough Marler

My heart breaks when I thinks of the many lives taken by Satan, due to drug addiction. There are so many recovering addicts that I felt compelled to write about them. I would like all who read this poem to pray for the lost. There are way too many hooked on alcohol, a drug, and illegal drugs that eat away at the core of their being. I believe it is all about 'self-worth'. When one stops believing in themselves, they leave themselves wide open to influences that will mar them the rest of their lives.