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Susan Hammett

Story ID:11316
Written by:micheal albert gibson (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:LaGrange Georgia USA
Person:Susan Hammett
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Susan Hammett

It was my sophomore year at LaGrange High School. I walked from my previous class into Miss Owen’s classroom, the Civics and Government teacher. I took my seat and noticed the aluminum framed teaching aid moved from its regular place. I had to peer between the extended stands that held large sheets of white paper. On the top sheet, the lesson taught to the prior class was written there in a well-proportioned, neat handwriting. The paper and tall easel that held it provided the class with a clear view of the writing on the top sheet.

As I looked through the legs of the frame, I saw a girl that was not in our class. Her name was Susan Hammett. One of two daughters of a local doctor in LaGrange. I knew him because he was on call for the football team of which I was a part.

I looked at her and noticed that her dark brown wavy hair was shiny and neat and came just below her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes were alive with interest, and she was talking with Miss Owen, about what, I had not a clue. She was wearing a plaid skirt and had on a white top with the collar lying across a red sweater vest. Her shoes were saddle oxfords, and she wore white socks folded down one turn to the top of her ankles. I noticed that the brown strips down the sides of the oxfords were of a suede type material rather than the usual black leather. On her wrist was a charm bracelet with various trinkets attached.

I somehow knew that day and that encounter held a significance, but I had no clue what the significance was.

Susan graduated, went through college, and married her high school sweetheart. I graduated and started college. There I met a girl and married her on 8 November 1968. On the 13th of November, I received my draft notice and was inducted into the Army for a three-year tour. I did not hear from or see Susan Hammett for fifty years.

Fifty years later a chance encounter changed all that when she "liked" one of my wildlife photographs I had posted on Facebook. She asked me if I remembered her. I said yes, and described what she was wearing that day all those years ago. We have been friends ever since and have come to rely and depend on each other. As it happens, both of us are single, and we enjoy traveling and going out West every chance we get to visit her sons and grandchildren. We explore different places that interest us and try and learn of the local culture.

Life is very strange.

Micheal Gibson