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West Highland Terrier Stand Up

Story ID:11317
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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West Highland Terrier Stand Up

West Highland Terrier Stand Up

Nice West Highland Terrier I found in junk mail. He reminds me of a neighor who has one. His name is Bobby and is such a happy little guy.

We've got a cleaned and shredded junk mail stuffed cat food can topped and bottom with frozen pizza box cardboard.

Metallic blue Acrylic paint for sky that I also painted on my white upper band of paper punch old printer paper

Brown paper punches surround the entire can that are covered in cardboard 'bars' covered by tin foil crinkled then smoothed out for a nice flat wrinkle pattern painstakingly checkerboarded even between my incence sticks papered with brown from my patterned napkin.

In gathering my cardboard scrap for cutting my bars I found a scrap of my Paisley wrapping paper to cover my dog. I'm always finding some when I think it's all gone. Of course as messy as my work table is I could lose the Titanic and keep refinding it so who knows when I'll see more Paisley paper.

Taking cardboard paper punches I glued and trimmed junk mail floral paper for my 'buttons'. Much easier to pattern cardboard punches than what I've done with papering buttons of Styrofoam.

The bottom is spiraled nicely in paper punch old printer paper.