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Crab's Corner-Media Played Like A Fiddle

Story ID:11319
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Media outlets have been duped again and it's continually stunning in its absurdity.

Never once has Trump spoken truth. He's a liar and you refuse to say it, Media. He lied about the crowd size in his inauguration and you wasted air time comparing pictures. He lied about whether it rained on his inauguration and you played it up. He lied about voter fraud and you bought it. He lied about the idiotic wiretapping claim and you wasted time on it. He lied about his promised showing of his tax returns, you make James Comey into a Saint when in fact he screwed Clinton but he refused to tell the crap Trump has done. Now Trump lies about non existent tapes and one of your reporters asked the stupid question on whether it was appropriate for Trump to be threatening Comey. Well, duh, it's not!

You're being played, Media, by this awful man. When are you going to catch on!

If Donald Trump said the sky was purple you'd run show after show with people doing their petty investigations even though everyone knows the sky isn't purple, you'd reveal it but never say once again that Donald Trump is a liar! Trump, proven wrong once again, would go on a Twitter tantrum and you'd run that for days.

Trump's spokes monkeys constantly lie and all you do is ask stupid questions knowing they lie because you're too afraid to really question. The moment they become agitated you go onto the next question.

When, Media, are you gonna wise up and stop being played! When are you going to stop ignoring other news acting like all there is, is Trump!

This man needs to be impeached! He lies, threatens, impedes investigations, profits off his businesses he refuses to divest himself of which is illegal, fires those investigators that get close to the truth of his Russian dealings, makes paranoic accusations that aren't true libeling people, yet you keep lapping it up. You interview politicians who won't do a thing about getting Trump out of office and you don't press it. Politicians on both sides make excuses for Trump's behavior, know they're being played but say nothing about how to stop Trump. It's easier for them to be dismissive for political gain. You, Media, have no political gain yet you make excuses for Trump and continue to run his idiotic false accusations as it doesn't take a genius to realize Trump has never spoken a word of truth from campaign to now.

You're being duped by Trump and you just don't learn.

Does Trump have to start a nuclear war before you, Media, you, politicians, realize Trump is a danger?

Am I the only one who sees how Trump plays everyone like an out of tune fiddle?

I wish people would stop treating Trump like he's important. He's a phony and making the Presidency and the U.S. into a laughing stock.