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I'm a Mother / Father

Story ID:11320
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Caldwell IDAHO United States
Person:My Son
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I planned to write a Motherís Day story for Ginny last weekend, but I received this email from my son.

I havenít seen him since 2008.

His words brought me to tears.

A note from my son on Motherís Day

My son, who went the wrong way many times, brought me to tears on Motherís Day
with this message.

Heís on the right path now and showed it with this message.

ďIt is Mother's Day. but I think special thanks is due for my wonderful father. Life has spun us
around and placed us all in different places, but you have always been somewhere for me. When I
decide to resurface, you've always been a part of me and you raised me right way, no matter how
hard I fought or strayed away. You were my mother when one was no longer there. I can't help but
think of you today and the strength you gave me to keep my head up and my feet walking In a
somewhat straight line. Happy Mother's Day father, you earned it.Ē

Thank you, Son.

Michael T. Smith